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The Sanskrit word, “Prem,” is probably the most common word associated with the concept of love used in the Sanskrit language. Though there are a number of words that can be used to describe the various factors of love in Sanskrit, (as Sanskrit is a very advanced language), “Prem,” is the most commonly used and refers to a total or unconditional love.

How much time do you spend thinking about love? How much time do you spend giving love? How much time do you spend loving someone or something?

For most, the concept of love is very prevalent especially in the minds of the young. For many, they believe that love is the ultimate answer. They hold a belief that when they find love all will become right with the world. You can see this is the eyes of many a young woman. They see a man that they like, they meet a man that they like, they are invited out by a man that they like, and they hold the belief that all will work out as they have seen in their dreams. This is why so many young women are lead astray via the unscrupulous male.

Men are not that much different. They hold onto finding and being in love with that woman of their dreams. They go out in order to meet that woman. You can always see a man, particularly as they become older, who is searching for love. They go to restaurants and chat up the waitress believing that the smile they receive means something more than simply a person hoping to get a good tip. I have known men that have courted strippers, who were not interested in them at all, in the strangest ways; even going to the club where they worked, paying lots of money for lap dances and the like, hoping to see them outside of the workplace; which never happened. Of course, there are the stalkers, but they are a whole other breed in themselves. But again, just someone who is looking for love. Just in a very messed up way.

For people that have found what they believe is love, and follow the relationship road, many/most find that it is never quite what they anticipated and/or hoped for. This is what leads to so many breakups. But, for many, the moment they are out of one relationship they seek another. They again are looking for love.

But, what is love? Is love getting a person that you find desirable to be with you and only you? Is love getting everything you want from a person? Is love getting that need for love met by that one person? If so, why do so many stray from their relationship(s) of love?

I think to what my teacher, Swami Satchidananda, used to say about love. “It’s like doing business. I love you honey. Oh, I love you too honey. I don’t love you anymore. Then I don’t love you either.” In many ways this is true. Love is like doing business. But, is that the way love should be?

Many people make love a very thoughtless, physical thing. It is all about them getting what they want. They meet someone and that person touches that spot of love in them and so they love them until that spot is no longer touched. Again, is that true love?

People make love a drug. A drug that can only be had from that certain someone else. Maybe that drug will keep them high for a minute, maybe for years, but as it is a drug, that sensation will eventually fade. But, is that love?

From a spiritual understanding, love is much deeper that all of this. Love is something that emulates from inside of you. It is in you.

Try this… Take a moment right now. I am sure we have all felt love, so we all know what it feels like. Right now, close your eyes and find that place of love within you. Locate that Love Center in your being. Feel that feeling of love. Let it expand and encompass you.

Depending on your current state of mind, you can allow that feeling of love to truly overpower you or you can just acknowledge that, yes, there it is. Yes, it is inside of you.

By performing this exercise you quickly realize that you do not need someone else to make you feel that experience of love. You can feel love no matter who you are with even if you are all alone. By allowing yourself to acknowledge that you do not need someone else to experience love, you become free from the entire process of seeking out love.

Now, certainly love feels very good. Being in love with someone else makes you feel great. But, though someone else may stimulate that feeling of love within you, it is still you who is the one experiencing it.

For your next exercise try this… Next time you are with someone (someone that you do not and/or did not previously love) allow yourself to love him or her. Allow them to be the catalyst for you to feel love. In fact, walk down a crowded street and love everyone.

The thing is, love is already inside of you. You are the one who decides whether or not to love someone. You can be very specific in who you love or you can allow love to become you and from this you can love everyone.

People seek out that feeling of love. Many quest their entire life for it. But, as you are the one who does or does not feel love, that means you are the one who can control whether or not you feel love.

Try allowing love to just be a part of you. Try loving everyone you meet and/or interact with. Love, and everything becomes better. Love, and anger, deception, hurting, and wars will all end. Why? Because if you love everyone, why would you want to hurt anyone?