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Who is it that you would like to reconnect with?

What person that is no longer in your life would you like to touch base with once again?

Maybe the relationship ended because they hurt you. Maybe the relationship ended because you hurt them. Maybe you moved away from one another. Or, maybe you simply let your communication channels fade.

Some people want to thank someone from their past. Some people want to say, “I’m sorry.” Some people miss the conversations, the mental stimulation, the creativity, or just the fun they had with that someone out there.

Some people want to get back in touch with someone because they feel that is the person, “Who got away.” Maybe one person loved the other person but, for whatever reason, the together-relationship did not work out at that time. Maybe two people worked well together but, for whatever reason, one of them moved on. Maybe two people simply begin following separate paths in life. Though there are an untold number of reasons why people come together and then move apart, that does not necessarily have to be the end-all to the story. This is the age of the internet, people are easy to find. If they are still alive, you could probably find a means to contact them if you tried.

Some people are very clear when they move away from someone who inhabited their past. They did it for a reason and they stick to that logic. In some cases, breaking away from an individual has occurred because some people do some pretty stupid or bad things. But, people can learn. People can evolve. People can change. Have you changed? Maybe you have. Maybe you want to let that someone know that you have. How can they know unless you tell them? How can they redefine how they feel about you unless you let them know who and what you have become?

The thing to keep in mind in all of this is that this entire concept is a bit touchy of a subject. Some people have moved on with their life and particularly their relationships. Does a husband or a wife want an old flame to be contacting their partner? Probably not. You should respect that. But, there are so many other variant in all of this, so many reasons that one person may wish to reconnect with someone from their past, that as long as you (as long as anyone) is doing this with a pure spirit, good things may come from reconnecting if both people are willing. You won’t know unless you try.