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When You’re Not the One in Charge

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you must get something done—do it as best as you can do it and you bring someone else onboard to help you but you can tell that they just don’t care? I think many of us have encountered situations such as this. This is especially the case when we are the owner of a business or the head of a crew and we must hire someone, as one person alone cannot complete the job, but the person we hire just does not ultimately care about the job they are doing.

When you do a job, whatever that job may be, how focused are you on doing it right? Do you define that job by how much you are getting paid? Do you define that job by what it will do for you life? Do you define that job by how much power or control you are given, leading to how much your ego is being stroked? Or, do you simply look at the job at hand and do it to the absolute best of your ability whether you are getting paid anything or not?

The doing of anything begins with the definition of how willing the person doing the doing is focused upon doing the best job possible. But, how few are the people who are willing to care when they are not the one who will ultimately receive the glory or be blamed at the completion of that job? This is why so few employees truly care about the jobs they do and/or how they treat other workers or customers because its just a job. They are there to get paid. If they do a bad job and get fired maybe they may get angry but it will never be them who will pay the ultimate price if a business fails and must be closed down or the job at hand is never completed.

I know from a personal perspective, I have been very lucky with many of the people I have brought on to compete the films I have made. But, every now and then, there is that one person who really comes onboard with the intention of either not caring or actually trying to harm the process. As in all life situations, one may question, “Why?” But, in actuality, the answer is quite clear and quite simply; it is not their project so they
just don’t care.

In life, we are all cast to being interactive with other people. In life, we are all destine to work for or have others work for us. We can hope, in these life situations, that the other person will care about the completion of that anything as much as we do, but it is unlikely that will always be the case. Sad, but true.

What is the answer to this life dilemma? The first thing is we must try to surround ourselves with those of like mind who truly care about the task at hand. But, some people, by their very nature, are deceptive. They lie and they pretend. They deny any responsibility anytime that they are called to task. Due to this fact, no matter how much you expect from a person, that expectation may never be met because there is no guarantee that when it comes time for them to truly step up to the plate that they will be willing to what is required of them.

Ultimately, most people only care about themselves. They are only defined by what is on their mind, what is in their mind, and what emotions and programming are controlling their mind. Meaning, a person is what they are and you can never make them anything more. If they care about you, great! If they care about their job, great! If they care about other people: the customers, the fans, great! If not, there is nothing you can do to change their focus and make them into the person you believed or you hoped they would be.

As you walk through life choose you friends, your associates, your workers, and your care givers carefully because when it comes time to complete the task at hand they are the only one you can truly rely upon. If they don’t care, they don’t care. If they only care about themselves, they only care about themselves.

Be the kind of person who cares. Be the kind of person who, when you are asked to do something, (for pay or otherwise), that you see the purpose of your mission and do that job with the integrity that is require to get it done right.

Be that right person. Be that caring person. Be that person who gets the job done right.