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The Badness That You Do

Your life is not defined by the good things that you do. Your life is defined by the bad things that you have done.

Think about your life, what are the things that you want to be remembered about you? Almost assuredly, the things you want to be remember are the good things that you have done.

Think about your life, what are the things that you hope will be forgotten? Almost assuredly, the things that you hope will be forgotten are the bad things you have done.

The question then becomes, what is good and what is bad?

Certainly, there are some very obvious things that can be universally considered good and bad. But, then we get into all of the Life Stuff, the personal opinions, the beliefs, the ideologies, and the egos. This is where the definition of good and bad often times become lost to the reality held solely in one person’s mind.

Think about your own life. Think about a time when someone did something that you understood to be wrong or bad and what he or she did hurt you, your life, or someone you cared about. How did you react to that action? What did you do?

Think about what you did. Did your reaction to that action hurt that person who did that something that you considered wrong? Was that your intention? If it was, did the person you did that reaction to become hurt or damaged by what you did? If they did, how did they feel about what you did? Did they consider what you did hurtful and wrong? If they did, was what you did right or wrong? Or, was it simply your perception of your own reality and you deciding you had the right to do that bad thing that you did to that specific person?

Now, think about a time when someone considered something you did hurtful or wrong. Think about a time when you instigated, “Wrongness.” Why did you do what you did? Why did you do it to that person? Did you do it consciously? Or, was what you did done by accident? In either case, was it not
you who did the doing? You hurt someone. That person considered what you did wrong. As such, what should their reaction be to you?

Life is a complex web of actions and reactions. Many/most people do not think of the other person first, which is why so many hurtful deeds are unleashed with little consideration about that other person. For the hurtful actions that are consciously taken by an individual, knowing that what they do has the potential to hurt the life of the person they are doing it to, aren’t they simply lost in a mindset of uncaring self involvement equally wrongness? Yet, what they do is not undone simply by realizing this fact. What they do still hurts someone else.

People base a lot of their actions on their appraisal of what they think about someone else. Though they may do what they do without caring at all about the consequences of what their actions will do to that someone else, action leading to badness hurts. And, hurt is never a good thing.

Yet, look around the world, look throughout history, most everyone will claim a reason for doing what they are doing or having done what they have done.

Look to religion, more people have been hurt and/or have died due to religious beliefs than any other one element in the history of humanity. Is what a person does to hurt someone else right simply because they are basing what they do upon their religion?

Look to ideologically judgment. How many people are intentionally hurt simply because someone does not like how that other person thinks or what they have done based upon what they think? Is a person taking action, motivated by them not liking what another person thinks or does, okay simply because they do not agree with what that person believes and how they define their own reality?

If we look to life, most everyone has a reason when they unleash hurt. But, that reason, their logic, is all based in what they, themselves, believe. Even when a belief is believed by many, what is the source of that belief? That source is judgment. But, judgment is just that; a person’s perceived belief and definition of what they believe to be right or to be wrong.

So, where does this leave us? We can say, “No one should hurt anyone, no matter what!” But, people all make choices in their life. They choose what they do. And sometimes, what they choose to do, is to hurt someone else.

As we each are the sourcepoint for all of our own reality, it can only be us who chooses what we do; how we act and how we react.

Flat out, if you choose to hurt someone, for any reason, you are in the wrong! End of story. Even if you are not judged by your peers as having done something wrong, based upon whatever it is you and/or they choose to believe, that does not change the fact that you have instigated hurt which will forever be remembered by whomever it is you have hurt. Thus, there will never be any true redemption for you unless you strive to undo the hurt and the wrongs you have instigated.

Again, your life is not defined by the good things that you do. Your life is defined by the bad things that you have done.

No matter what your motivation—no matter if it was by choice or accident, if you have hurt someone, either consciously or unconsciously, that is the definition of your life. You can try to hide from this fact, you can run from this fact, you can lie about this fact, but if you do not undo any damage you have created ultimately that becomes the only truth about who and what you actually are.