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Claiming Your Destiny

Pretty much everybody has the dream of becoming whatever it is they hope to become. Some take steps towards actualizing that dream. Many, however, do not.

Though most people have the dream of BECOMING, the steps you take to get there highly define your ability to reach that end goal. Think about it, what are you doing today to help you become what you hope to become?

The fact of life is, the facts of life take over many a life. This is one of the main reason people are kept from accomplishing all they hope to achieve.

Some people are luckily; they come from financially secure, supportive families. These families are open to helping their family members in becoming all that they hope to be. Many people are not that luckily, however. They must fend for themselves from a young age. They must get a job to pay their bills: to eat and to keep a roof over their head.

Here’s where things get complicated. The job you choose to do is going to be instrumental it either helping you or hindering you from achieving all that you hope to become. Sure, sure, there are those people who rise to the top of any game who did some pretty unsavory things as a way to make a living in their route to the top. But, those people are the exception, they are not the rule. Most people who enter into a less that dream-helpful type of employment are cast to dwell within that realm forever.

There is the tale that is very prominent here in Hollywood, and that is well known all across the globe, about the person who is a food server: a waiter or a waitress, but what they truly believe they will become is a famous actor. As a filmmaker, I have met so many people who are making their living doing this job who believe they will ascend to the top of the acting game. They are taking acting classes, they have their professional headshot which they send out to casting calls, they are doing all of the things that they believe will pay off but what they are not doing is acting in front of the camera. Each day, they go to work, but their work is not causing them to rise up in their chosen game. Years later, in some cases decades later, I have re-met a person and they are still hoping to act but what they are really doing is being a food server. That has become the definition and the reality of their life.

That is just one example but it is a very clear expression of how what you do becomes what you are. It also shows how what you do either adds to or takes away from what you will ultimately become.

People make all kinds of excuses for why they do what they do. It is important to note, however, that in many cases these excuses become the definition of their life. I cannot tell you how many times, throughout my life, that I have encountered someone telling me about all they were going to become and all they were going to achieve but at the end of the day all they ever became was the job they were doing.

So, what does this tell us about life and what does this tell us about how what you do to pay your bills can either help you in becoming what you desire to be or hinder you?

Take a look at your own life… What are you truly doing to become all that you hope to be? What did you do yesterday? What are you doing today? What will you do tomorrow? Is the job you are doing to pay your bills actually a pathway to your life-dream of achievement? Or, is it just something you do? Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it but what does it do in helping you achieve your end goal?

If you truly hope to become something it is essential that you truly take a look at what you are doing to get there. You really need to analyze how all of the things that you do during each day of you're life affect the overall evolution of your life.

For all of us who are adults, for all of us who are an independent person, we must find a way to make a living. But, be careful what you choose to do to make that living, as it may become all you will ever become.