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Pure Joy and Happiness

How often do you feel pure joy and happiness? In fact, do you ever feel pure joy and happiness?

Most people, the only time they feel a sense of joy and happiness is when they are getting exactly what they want in any specific moment of time. This gift of joy is given very externally. They want something, they get, and so they feel happy.

The problem with this style of emotional stimuli is, however, that then all things are dominated by external circumstances. You want, you get, you are happy. You want, you don’t get, you are not.

If you think about this, and this style of Joy Stimulation, isn’t that how you have passed through your entire life? You lived, you existed, but they only time you were truly happy is when you got what you wanted. But, is this the only way life can be lived? Is this the only way you can feel happiness?

Here’s the experiment for the day: Right now, be happy. Take a moment, close your eyes, go inside your mind, and find that place where joy and happiness exists.

This place/space may take a few minutes to find because most people never seek it out. It only magically appears when, as described, you are getting something that you want. But, it is already inside of you. Find it!

The moment you go to that space of joy and happiness, that is already inside of you, you immediately realize that, yes, you can feel joy without getting that Something. You can touch that joyous experience without the need for external stimulation.

Believe me when I tell you, once you find out that you can be happy and joyous without the need for that external Something your entire life is going to turn around. No longer will you be controlled by that plaguing need to get Something to feel fulfilled.

Find that joy, find that happiness inside of you and you can touch it any time you feel the need.

Like everything else good in life it takes practice. Care enough to practice finding your internal joy and your entire life can become so much better.