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Most People Can’t Meditate

Question? Do you ever think about meditation? Do you ever think about meditating? Do you ever try to meditate? The fact is, most people do not. Most people do not care about meditation. Most people do not care about calming their mind. Most people do not care about raising their consciousness. What do most people care about? You should answer that question for yourself, as the answer to that question is based upon your own unique perception of reality.

In some cultures, meditation is much more of a focal point of existence. Many look to Asia, as that was the start-point of the modern understanding of meditation, and they believe that meditation is much more commonly understood and practiced it that geographic region. Perhaps at one time in history that may have been the case. But Asia, like the rest of the world, no longer has an acutely focused mindset geared towards spiritual betterment. In fact, it can be debated that was never the case with Asia as a geographic whole. That is simply the perception placed upon that region as everybody, everywhere is solely focused on Self and the betterment that they desire from reality. If that betterment involves that Spiritual Something then, yes, meditation may become a part of that desire. But few meditate solely for the purpose of what meditation was designed to achieve, no matter where they find themselves on the earth.

Once upon a time, in the long ago and the far-far away, life was much simpler. Yes, people did what they did to survive, but they were not bombarded with information. They did not have radios, TVs, computers, the internet, or smart phones—all of which showers the mind with stuff. Stuff that you don’t really need but you think that you do.

In this place of, once-upon-a-time, retreating from all of the goings on of life was much easier. As there was really nothing much to do—doing nothing; i.e. meditating was a much more natural process. Now, meditating has become all but impossible. There is simply too much information pouring into each of our minds. This is why so many people become frustrated when they try to meditate in their yoga class or when they are sitting down in lotus posture at home. Their mind is reverberant with information and misdirected energy causing it to be all but impossible to actually calm the mind to the degree where it can meditate. Thus, the mind of these practitioners is never silenced. At best, they are just fighting off the thoughts.

How about you? Do you ever try to silence your mind? Do you even care about silencing your mind? Do you believe there are any benefits to silencing your mind? My guess is, probably not as most people don’t.

This leaves us with a dilemma. How can we become more spiritually pure and mentally refined if we cannot not even control our minds? The answer is, we cannot. What was once the practice of those who sought a greater understanding of truth, reality, and cosmic consciousness has been lost to the hands of time. Even if one attempts to leave the material world behind and goes to live in a cave, as some of the great spiritual beings of times gone past have done, that will never remove a person from the knowledge they have already gain, and the reality they have already lived in this modern age. You can’t run away.

So, where does this leave us? Where does it leave the person that actually does hope to become a better person, a better conduit of goodness, helpfulness, and raising human consciousness? It leaves us in a place where we must no longer look to the ancient past for guidance as to what we must do to reach a new and enhanced cosmic understanding. It tells us that we must chart a new pathway towards enlightenment. What is that pathway? It is one defined by embracing the reality we find in the world where we currently live. It is one where though we appreciate and even pay tribute to the techniques of the past but we move forward in our own new definition of reality. We start with ourselves. We take control over ourselves. We define ourselves by where we find ourselves in life and then we move forward, aware of our reality, and make living a good life, hurting no one and no thing, helping all we can and from this we form our own pathway for our own spiritual growth.

Make your life—make living your life your meditation. Make doing good things, helping people, keeping yourself from hurting anyone, and forgiving your foes your meditation.

Meditation does not have to be defined as simply sitting down in lotus posture with your mind lost to the world. Meditation can be performed with your eyes wide open as your mind continually and very consciously refines itself.