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You Can Always Tell the People Who Are Destined for Greatness

Pretty much everyone hopes to do something great with their life. They hope to do that something or be that something that will propel them to living a grand life and to be well-respected and well-remembered while possibly giving to others and the greater world as a whole. But, the fact of the matter is, very few people will ever reach that level of achievement. There are an untold number of reasons for this: some are where and how a person was born and raised, others are more personal; based on how they behave and the things that they choose to do. But, the reality of reality is, few people every reach any level of greatness in their life.

This being said, you can immediately tell a person who is bound for greatness. They have a demeanor, they possess a mindset, they are directed, and they act and do all things Life in a very specific manner.

There have been tons of books written on the subject of how to Become. Motivational speakers talk all the time attempting to guide people towards their own greatness. But, no matter how many word are written or spoken it is the individual who either is or is not bound to do something great.

Just as a person who is bound for greatness can be observed, the individual who is compelled towards just the opposite can be spotted. They are the people who are confrontational, those who lie, deceive, cheat, steal, treat other people badly, believe they are better than others, are judgmental, are confrontational, are egotistical, lie to themselves about why they do what they do, and the list goes on and on. We all know the type. Some of these people even hide behind their belief that the reason they behavior in a non-productive, hurtful manner is in order to do for others. But, by scolding, by judging, by chastising, by attacking, by hurting, by lying for whatever reason may be in their mind, all they have done is to damage the Life Space of someone else, and by casting their own judgment onto any life situation all they have illustrated is that they are simply a person locked into a space of their own knowingness and righteousness. Behaving in this manner only demeans others. And, from doing any of this, nothing good is ever born.

Some people believe that they will be Great. In fact, some people tell others that this will be their destiny. This is especially the case when a person is young before the realities of existence have set in. But, for anyone who broadcasts this, it is almost an assured sign of what they are not to become.

So, is there a pathway to greatness? The simply is yes. It is tread only by those who stay in the realm of goodness. …Those who walking hand-in-hand with nature. Those who do not deny their placement in life and/or do not try to overturn the obvious decisions of god. Those who continually and only say and do good things.

The broader answer to the question is that, it is very complicated. There is no direct pathway to greatness no matter how much good you do and how much happiness you bring to others. But intended purpose, that is the key. Those destine for greatness follow a predetermined path of self-knowing, self-acceptance, and being true to themselves while embracing their own wholeness, hand-in-hand with bringing betterment to the life of all those they encounter.

So… Everybody wants to be great. Though few will achieve this, the best thing you can do is to do the things that those who are considered to be great have proven is the right pathway. Be good. Be kind, Be truthful. Be helpful. Consciously never hurt anyone. Say good things. Do good thing. Help everyone you can. Then, even if you never come to be considered as GREAT, at least you will be remembered by the people you encountered with found memories. And, that is a definition of greatness in and of itself.