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The Many Levels of Consciousness

In Sanskrit, there are many words that describe the understanding of Consciousness. Perhaps the most universally used word is, “Chit,” but many other words are employed to define the various levels of consciousness, such as, “Sajñāna,” “Sajñananā,” “Caitanya,” and, “Bodha.” In fact, there are many more. In English, however, we are left with only one primary word describing, “Consciousness.” It is a blanket term devised to be individually interrupted.

The more clear, highly defined definition in Sanskrit is perhaps a better way of understanding the many levels of consciousness. But, as Sanskrit is a dying language, and so few speak it, what we are left with is what we are left with.

Take a moment right now. Ask yourself, “How do you define consciousness?” “What does consciousness mean to you?” Is it simply your state of being; you are alive? Or, is it something more profound; you progressing and transcending into a higher realm of Self Awareness?

Continue this thought process for a moment more and ponder, “How much time do you spend in rising your consciousness each day?” Is it a just a passing thought, whenever that thought passes, is it a moment, a minute, an hour, or not at all?

Most people don’t think too much about consciousness; particularly raising their consciousness. They are too busy thinking about all of their Life Stuff. But, what does it mean to ponder higher consciousness? What does it mean to you? And, if you do ever think about it, what do you do to make yourself a more conscious individual?

Take a few moments and think about it. You may come up with some interesting realizations.