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Mind Watching

Throughout the centuries meditation techniques have been developed in order to calm the mind of the individual and cause them to enter into a refined state of consciousness where they may encounter a deeper wisdom and possibly even god-consciousness. The thing is, very few people ever practice any of these techniques of meditation. How about you? Some people may poke at them for a moment at the end of a yoga or martial art class, a few may even sit down and try to meditate for a moment here or there but very-very few ever take meditation on as a life course where they actually follow the path of meditation allowing it to reveal the indescribable things that can only be known when they are known.

This is not bad or good. This is just the way it is. Though pretty much everyone known about meditation, very few people try its practice.

This being said, there is a technique that does not take a lifetime of practice for it to be revealing of the True Individual Self. I refer to this technique as Mind Watching. It’s very easy.

Here we go…

You can do this now but it is better to perform when you are in a mentally passive state of mind; perhaps when you are going to sleep, maybe when you have just woken up, or maybe when you have relaxed as you are sitting by a stream or the ocean or wherever. It’s best done when you are in a clam state of mind.

Close your eyes. Feel the calmness in your being. Allow your mind to be silent. Don’t try to force this like people do in meditation. Simply allow your thoughts to be your thoughts with no forced definition.

Now, take your consciousness to that place where you can look at your mind—that place where you can watch your thoughts. There is that place in all of us, where we can see and view ourself. Some people call this, The Witness.

To do this technique you simply need to remain in that state of observational calmness for a moment or a long as you feel comfortable doing it.

Look deeply into you. See who you really are. You can do this by following your thoughts. Why are you thinking what you are thinking? Why do you think what you think? Or, you can simply allowing this witnessing mind to look deep into the core of your inner being. Who are you? What are you? Why are you?

There is no right or wrong way to do this techniques. Just as there is no right or wrong answer(s) you will find. All there is, is you. Allow this technique to reveal who and what you truly are.

The only thing you want to be careful of is not allowing your ego to drive you. You don’t want that grand or false thing that you believe you are to be the captain of your ship for all that will lead you to is folly. In other words, be humble and truthful in your mental quest.

Assuredly, your focused mind will be called away by your random racing thoughts relatively quickly. You can call your mind back to the focus of this techniques as many times as you wish or your can simply allow your thoughts to drag you away. Your choice. But, this is a very simply technique that has the potential to reveal all kinds of stuff about you. You can practice it once or your can do it whenever you feel like.

Give is a try. You never know what you may find out about yourself.