Scott Be Positive

Coffee at Two

Back in the days when Starbucks was relatively new to the L.A. area, more than twenty years deep now, I used to go to one of the nearby Starbucks. This was long before there was one on every corner. I used to plan my day that I would head out around two or so in the afternoon in order to get there by 2:30. I would grab a latte, nonfat, of course, and maybe one of their tasty gingerbread man cookies they had back in the day. I would kick back and ponder life, reality, and the day. It wasn’t that it was even that great of a location. It wasn’t even that close to where I lived. It wasn’t like it had a nicely shaded patio surrounded by pant, flowers, or tree, or anything. It was just a place with tables that were next to the roadways that ran through this shopping plaza that housed, predominately, a Home Depot. Looking back, I really don’t know why, but that is just the thing I did.
I got to be friends with the baristas at that location. The fact was, it was rare that I would ever pay for my drink. They always just hooked me up and refused to take my money. I always found that to be such a nice gesture. I remember, a few years later, when I moved from the beach to a location overlooking the ocean and began going to another Starbucks, (most of the time), it was always a shock that nobody hooked me up anymore. I had to pay. Sad  
Those two Starbuck’s location were probably only a mile or so apart. But, the whole vibe was so different, even though this new/my new location had much better patio seating.
Every now and then, like today, my almost daily journey to that Starbucks comes to mind. On one hand, I question, why? Why did I go there? What did I find? On the other hand, I wish I had the motivation to do that again, on a more or less daily basis. But, I don’t.
Now, I grab my daily dose of Starbucks, usually in the AM, at a location overlooking the ocean, on my way to wherever it is I am going. I rarely stop and sit there, however, as it is generally far too crowded. Now, everyone seems to honker down. They have their laptop and are doing business or writing the next great screenplay or novel. You can expect them to be there for hours. …I know when I pull up, if there is a seat, they are there. And, they have not moved an inch when I leave.
Moments of pondering life… Moments of agitated silence are really important for life, I believe. It is a true meditation. A place to just sit and be. Alone, but not alone. Because inside there is very little illusion to be found. But outside, you never know what you will find.
Anyway… No great philosophic revelation here. Just a remembrance of a time gone past. I am sure, you, like I, have those moments, those things you used to do but do no longer. Like I, maybe you don’t remember why it changed either. But, it did. And, it seems even though we try sometimes, we just can never go back.
I wonder what all of those barista friends of mine are up to now??? It’s been a long-long time. I hope their life turned out okay.