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Ever since I was young, I would watch how some people who were in a position of power would dominantly extend that power over others. They knew that they had power, they knew what they could do with that power, thus, they would use their power to control the lives of others via various methods. Sometimes this control was demonstrated by physical means, sometimes it was verbal, but, whatever the case, these people, in a position of power, would use that power to dominate the life of others.

The thing about power is, however, power is fleeting. Yes, you may have it for a moment but if you use it to negative ends all that occurs is that you will be destroyed by your own use of that dominance. Not to mention that people will hold negative feelings about you which is a pathway to destruction in and of itself. This devastation may occur via various means, but power is only power as long as you are in control of that power. But, power, by its very nature, is transient—it does not last forever.

Certainly, we see people attempting to exhibit their power all the time. Maybe it is the boss at the job wanting their employees to get things done for them in a manner they find acceptable. Maybe it is a person in a relationship who wants to control their partner. Maybe it is the religious leader who believes that they know the only way people should morally behave. Certainly, it is the law enforcement professional or the politician who believes that they hold the power to make people act in the manner they deem acceptable. Maybe it is just the bully who is big or who knows how to fight and they exhibit their power over people via violence.

Speaking of which, I can tell a funny anecdote related to the school bully… When I was in kindergarten there was this one kid who felt he controlled the schoolyard. He would dominate via intimidation. Quite frequently he would come up to me and do that annoying thing, “Look up, Look down, look at my finger,” and then flick my nose. I told my father about what was going on and he said, “The next time he does that why don’t you punch him in the nose.” I later was told he was joking but that is exactly what I did. “Look up, Look down,” BAM I punched the kid right in the nose. He didn’t fight back all he did was start crying while wiping the blood from his face. End of the bully… He never did that to me again.

People grow into power early in life. The more power they hold, the more power they are allowed to hold and the more power hungry they become. And, as we all know, some people do very negative things when they are in a position of power.

A lot of people strive their entire life to gain and then hold on to power. They do whatever it takes and they do not care who or what they hurt as long as they maintain that feeling of influence and supremacy.

Sometimes power comes in very strange forms. Sometimes people don’t even see power as power but call it something else. But, the moment you hold influence over others you are in a position of power. If you find yourself in this life location you must be very careful for the essence of power cannot only overpower you and cause you to do bad things but it can hurt the life or one person or a lot of people. If you are intentionally seeking power, then you are already controlled by the lust for power. Thus, the negative aspects of this mindset control who and what you are and who or what you can become.

Power is dangerous. You must steer clear of people who use their power to control the lives of other. You must do this even is they do it with a smile on their face or by quoting the bible or the books of law.

What is the antidote to power? Kindness. Be kind. Whether you possess power or do not, always be kind and from this all life is allowed to be what it was meant to be.

Never seek power, as it is a false god that will eventually leave you destitute. Seek goodness. Seek caring. Seek helping. Seek kindness. Make the world a better place by possessing no power.