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Remember Your Purpose

In life, it is very easy to get distracted. In fact, distraction comes at you from all angles. There are the distractions that are based upon your personal desires: what you want, how you want to be viewed, how you wanted to be treated, and so on. Then, there are the more reality-based distractions: things like going to your job to pay your bill, taking care of your family, and things like that.
Some people indulge. They allow their distractions to control their life. From this, they emerge themselves in the realm of drug or alcohol abuse, gambling, or driving themselves towards financial ruin by spending too much.
Distractions are everywhere.
The other thing that is everywhere, at least if you allow it to be, is your purpose.
What is your purpose? What is the purpose of your life? What is the purpose of what you do? Why is this your purpose?
There is a catch to all of this, however. What is the purpose of your purpose? This is where many people get lost. They come to believe that somehow their purpose is simply based upon what they desire. But, when anything, any life event, is solely based upon desire, crisis is always created. If not today, then tomorrow.
The fact is, many people have a believed grand purpose to their life. They truly hope to give and to do something great with their life. But, in many cases, their purpose is based upon them receiving. Maybe that receiving involves money, fame, gratitude, accolades, and many other self-based gratuities.
The question then must be asked, is what you are doing a true purpose or is it simply to make yourself feel good about yourself?
It is truly a fine line between a life purpose and a life based upon nothing more than struggling to get what you desire.
To the purpose of life-purpose, most people never truly question this. They never truly analyze their inner motivations for doing what they do. From this, all most lives are left with is an existence that added up to very little.
Where do you find yourself in this spectrum? How clearly have you defined your life purpose? Do you know why this is your life purpose? And, what has your life purpose cased you to do?
In some cases, in fact in many cases, a person’s defined or undefined life purpose has cause them to create a lot of damage to not only their own life but to the lives of others. If this is the outcome of an individual’s life purpose, is that a good and honorable life purpose?
It is really essential that you take the time to clearly define your life purpose. You need to know what it is. You need to know why it is. You need to know what your life purpose means to you. You need to understand what your life does to others.
Take the time to define your life purpose. Take the time to truly understand your life purpose. Then, very consciously, pursue it. Because if you don’t, if you allow yourself to become distracted, what will your life have meant?