Scott Be Positive

Roller Blade Seven, Again

As I say far too often, “A week rarely goes by where I am not asked some question about The Roller Blade Seven.” I was contacted on Facebook by a man who is apparently doing a podcast about RB7, and he asked me the question, “How did you decide to mix roller blading and religion?” So you can all know the answer to that question, if you ever questioned it at all, here’s my response.  
Hi Alexander,
It’s essential to note that Don Jackson came up with the term Roller Blade before the skates were ever marketed. Roller equaling Skates and Blade equaling the Samurai Sword. Thus, Roller Blade Seven has nothing to do with rollerblade skates. Even though many people put the words Roller and Blade together when discussing or marketing the film, this is incorrect.
In terms of the, “Religion,” you ask about in RB7, Don did and I do base my entire life upon the various realms of spirituality, so it was only a natural progression for us to introduce that into the film. Plus, since the moment Don read my books: Essence: The Zen of Everything and Zen O’clock: Time to Be, he wanted to use the aphorisms presented in those books as the primary source of dialogue for the film. His idea, not mine. As spirituality is the basis of those books, the words presented in them helped to shape the direction of the film. From these factors, spirituality became a central focus of RB7 and its sequel Return of the Roller Blade Seven.
Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I will try to answer them.
All the best,
Also, somebody sent me a photo of a life-sized, art-piece cut out of Hawk (Me in RB7 Character) on Instagram the other day. The guy holding it was riding a skateboard. As I guess he didn’t follow me, (or something???) I saw it in the message request section of my account and once I looked at it the photo seemed to disappear. I don’t know, maybe I did something wrong??? So, if you know who that is or what that’s about, hook me up and send me the photo again. I’ll post it. Happy