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Five Minutes Until You Forget

How long do most life events stay active in your mind? About five minutes. If something truly grabs you attention and makes you think, ponder, be happy, or worry, maybe twenty to thirty minutes. After that, it is gone. It will most likely be forgotten forever and never remembered unless you are given a reason to remember it. This is a fact of life.

What do you remember? What thoughts continue to recur in your mind? Those activities or those actions that are done to you by yourself or by somebody else that have caused your life to shift—caused some large and/or emotionally stimulating event to take place. Be these things good or bad, happy or sad; because they are so life-changing—because they are so invigorating and/or traumatic they are remember for a very long time. If something that you have done or something somebody has done to you has caused an entire course of events to be set into motion in your life, where you are continually reminded of what took place, that memory may be rethought and relived for your entire lifetime.

As is taught in Taoism, “For the person of the world, everyday something is gained. For the person of Tao, everyday something is lost and forgotten.” Which is better? For each day of your life to become more burdened with thoughts based upon actions or for each day of your life to become more free?

In life, we all interact with one another. We each do things and things are done to us everyday. Some of these things happen by accident, while others happen due to the fact that someone has planned them out. Accidents are forgivable. Planned actions are not. Therefore, what are you setting your life on a course of encountering and creating; a life where you simply exist and embrace perfection or a life where others are forced to remember you due to deeds instigated by what you have done to them?

Happy memories are happy memories. When you think of them you smile. Negative memories are negative memories; they make you do all things but smile.

What wake do you wish to leave with your life? Do you wish to create a life where people remember you and smile or a life where people remember you and have ill feelings towards your existence?

Look around you; study your life. If you have consciously created even one situation where you are being negatively thought of, that becomes the overwhelming definition of your life.

What you choose to do with your life is what your choose to do with your life. Whom you help is whom you help. Whom you hurt is whom you hurt. Remember, what you choose to do will create how you will be remembered. Do you want your actions to only be the mind of someone for five minutes or do you want them to be remembering for a longer period of time? Longer can be a blessing but, more often than not, it is a curse.