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Racism of the Racists

I think we all have been watching on the news how there has been a lot of standing up against the anti-Asian racism that has been going on recently; especially since the pandemic. Though this style of racism is nothing new, it seems to have been brought into focus due to the attacks on people of Asian descent that have been taking place of late. But, I guess some people just do not get the message.

As many of you know, I work a lot with vintage synthesizers in order to create music. I use a lot of the newer ones, as well, but it simply seems that the synths of times gone past provide a really unique sound. I release a lot of synth-based music and I hold back a lot more—for times to come. In any case, I’m always exploring new possibilities in sound.

I’ve recently decided to pick up this one synthesizer created a couple of decades back. I saw one in excellent condition, with the make an offer opinion, being offered on eBay so I contacted the person to find out just what they would take for it. In doing so, I mentioned I was looking to pick up a tested model in excellent condition either from here in the U.S. or Japan. The message I got back truly surprised me. The first line of it was, “Never buy anything from those Jap bastards.” Wow! Someone certainly hasn’t gotten the memo.

I just don’t know how anyone, in this day and age, would not put a muzzle on language like that; especially to someone they did not even know. Maybe I’m a, “Jap.”

You know, as I have spoken about over the years, there is a lot of ongoing racism in this world. Maybe it is the blacks focusing on the whites, the Asians focusing on the whites and the black, or the whites focusing on whomever. No matter who it is, it doesn’t make it right. Speaking badly about anyone, simply due to his or her race, is just BAD. A person is a person is a person. Who they are is based upon who they are. Who they are is based upon what they do, and how they do it, to other people. They are not solely defined by their race.

You know, there is really very little we can do about this style of behavior. Saying something or criticizing a person who speaks like this is not going to change their mind. The one thing we can do is not be that person. Do not be the person who judges someone else. Do not be the person who criticizes someone else—especially based solely upon his or her race.

Good people do and say good things. I get it, so many people in this world gain their power by acts of negativity and hurtful actions. All I can say is, don’t be that person. Be the person of positivity who hurts or attacks no one. Be the person who other people feel positively inspired by being around.

In terms of that synth, I guess I will have to buy it from someone else. Maybe someone in Japan.