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Is Your Humanity Turned On?

There was this television series that was on a few years ago, The Vampire Diaries. The show followed two brothers who were vampires, the central love interest, and all that… It was a pretty good TV show. As it was about vampires, they, of course, had to find a way to feed. How do vampires feed? They drink blood. And, of course, that involves all kinds of unsavory activities.

One of the side-topics of the show was that vampires could either function from a perspective of relative goodness or non-caring badness. The ones who were good, relatively, had their humanity tuned on. The ones who were bad, had their humanity turned off and from this they exhibited all kinds of aberrant, hurtful behavior. Plus, they did it and they didn’t care.

Let’s think about life—let’s think about you, how do you behave? Is your humanity turned on or is your humanity turned off?

I believe that most people who read this blog operate from a Life Perspective of relative goodness. They try to be good, do good, and help others when they can. The thing about life is, however, a lot of people live their lives from a perspective of this vague sense of denial. They think they are doing good, they may even claim that they are doing good, but their, “Goodness,” is based solely around their perspective of reality and what is or is not good for them.

Again, ask yourself, “Is your humanity turned on or is it turned off?” How much time do you spend thinking about others, helping others, doing good for others, doing good for the life of others, verses how much time do you spend thinking about you and contemplating getting what you want for your life?

True goodness, true humanity, involves you being able to turn off your own agenda for long enough to actually make a positive difference in the life of someone else.

In life, most people seek a goal. Though those goals change as they are achieved and new ones present themselves, these goals are generally highly Self Orientated. In life, most people surround themselves with people they like, that share a similar mindset, and that can make them happy and feel good about themselves as they are walking towards what they want in life. But, is this, “Humanity?” Is this a mindset of, “Goodness?” Or, is this simply a mentality of selfishness?

Most people never think about this. Most people never ponder this. As long as they are feeling okay, they do not question their pathway. Some even reach out a hand of assistance from a position of advantage but is that truly helping? Or, is that simply someone stoking his or her own ego by feeling, “I have more than you so I can help you?”

Again, look at your own life—look at the things you do. What are you doing? What is your motivation for doing what you do? Do you even consciously try to help others? If you do, what is your motivation for doing so? And, is what you do truly an example of, “Humanity,” and helpful goodness or is it simply you attempting to live a life that makes you feel good about yourself?

Goodness, Giving, Humanity, are very complicated subjects. If giving makes you feel good, and makes you feel good about yourself, who are you actually giving to and why?