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It’s What You Do With What You Do

So, what do you do when you do it? And, why do you do it?

In life, we are each presented with life events. Some of these events are joyous and happy making, others are just the opposite. What do you do with them? And, why do you do it?

When good things and happiness comes your way, how do you react? What do you do with that gift?

When something negative happens to you, how do you react? What do you do with that circumstance?

If you look to the life of other people, if you study their reactions, the way they behave is how they behave. People change very little throughout their Life Time. For most, when good things happen they relish in that good. When bad things happen they lash out. But, is that the only way it can be—is that the only way you can be?

Think about a time when you received a gift that you really wanted. How did you react to that gift? Really think about it. How did that gift make you feel? What did it do for your life? Did possessing it bring you all that you believed it would bring to your life?

How about your reaction to the person who gave it to you? How did you react to them? What did you feel, what did you say, what did you do? Did you truly appreciate what they gave you or did you simply feel you deserved it?

Think about a time when you were expecting to receive something but you did not. You thought you would get that something but that did not come to pass. Maybe you were given something else—something that you considered lessor. How did you react to that gift? Really think about it. How did that gift make you feel? How did you react to that lessor gift? And, how did you react to the person who gave you that lessor gift?

Now, turn this around. Think about a time when you gave someone a gift that you believed they wanted. How did you feel giving it to them? What did that giving make you feel? How did you feel about the way they reacted to that gift? How did you feel about the way that reacted to you? Did you actually give them what they wanted? Or, did you give them something that they considered a lessor gift? How did that giving alter your relationship?

Really think these things though and chart this out. It will provide you with a lot of insight into you and human behavior in general.

There’s also the other side of this issue. Those times when you are deal a bad hand. Those times when something bad happens to you. Maybe it was the other person’s fault. Maybe it was your fault. Maybe the fault lies somewhere in between. How do you act when something bad happens? How do you treat the other person or persons involved? Do you ever take any time to chart your reaction before you unleash those reactions or do you just do what you do, say what you say, and believe you have the right to do just that? Do you intentionally set out to hurt that other person? Or, do you possess the humility to forgive and to turn the other cheek?

The reason all of these questions must be acutely pondered by you is that life is an interactive process. Life is you receiving and giving. Life is you reacting to life events both good and bad. If you do not possess a clear understanding of the YOU that is YOU, if you do not hold a clear knowledge of what you will do when you will do it, all your life becomes is a reactive nothing. If you simply behave by liking what you like, not liking what you don’t like, and behaving in a manner that is expressive of those very low level emotional outbursts, what does that make you? Answer: a person with no self control and no higher purpose.

We all receive gifts from time to time. Sometimes they are Some Thing other times they are far more abstract. We all encounter life events that we do not like. We all encounter people who do bad things and they are not very nice. But, all of your life ultimately boils down to what you do with what you do. In very life event you have the choice in how you will react. You can be the bigger, better, stronger, more actualized and enlightened individual or you can be the angered, hurtful, bully with no sense of greater purpose than fulfilling your own needs so you lash out.

Take some time, view your past life events. Chart out who and what you truly are and who and what you hope to be. Decide what you do with what you do. Ultimately, decided to be more than any momentary life event.