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I tend to be up and about at weird hours of the day and of the night. I was up and out and I noticed that this truck was driving around, “Throwing the papers,” as it used to be called. In other words, they were delivering the newspaper. Wow… That still happens.

I think back to this apartment I lived in a while ago. I had this very rude neighbor. It seemed everything he did really hurt my life. But, moving is expensive and not easy. Thus, I was stuck living next to him having a couple of years of my life ruined by his unconscious actions. But, anyway… One of the things he was responsible for, (leading to a part of this whole tale), was that he used to get the newspaper delivered. Due to the way our apartments were situated, every morning at 4:30 AM or so, BAM, a newspaper came smacking into my kitchen window waking me up. It used to be so frustrating. That is when I was first forced into thinking about the reality of the, “Newspaper.” Then, as now, I would ponder, “Who still get the newspaper deliver and why?” I mean, it is so-so wasteful. …The paper that is needed to make the newspaper. …All the energy it takes to get that paper. …All the trees that are killed, if that is still how paper is made. Or, however… …All the machines that it takes to creating the paper; creating all that pollution. And then, the delivery pickup truck, out there pre-dawn throwing the paper(s). …Equaling, pollution, noise, etc., etc., etc…

Once upon a time, in the long ago and the far-far away, I used to enjoy reading the newspaper. Every Thursday afternoon, I would head over to the Original Farmer’s Market on 3rd and Fairfax, grab a latte, and sit back and read the L.A. Weekly as Thursdays is when it came out. On other days, when I was there or elsewhere, I may grab a copy of the L.A. Times. There always seemed to be so much hidden information in newspapers, if you read between the lines. But, times change. Certainly our time has changed and there is just no reason to read a physical newspaper anymore. In fact, it hurts the all and the everything if you do.

I think this is one of the big problems with life. People do what they do and that is what they do. They don’t think about what their doing does to others and/or to this overall world or life space. They get lost in the what was/the what was remembered and they refuse to evolve. In that, they hurt others and other life things.

How about you? What do you refuse to change? How about you? How often do think about what your doing does to others and what it does to this place where we live our lives?

If you don’t think. You are not a thinker. If you don’t care, all you are is selfish. Is that what you want to be known as; a non-thinker and a selfish person?

All I can say is, think before you do, because what you do has the potential to change and/or damage someone else’s everything.