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The Night Turns into Day

I turned off the TV tonight and I immediately began to hear these night bird chirping their song into the sky. It was really quite refreshing, as I so rarely hear the song of the night birds where I live. It is going on right now.
I was re-watching Part II of that series that charts the music that rose out of Laurel Canyon in the later sixties and early seventies on epix. I was just popping channels and it came up. It has been a year or so deep since I saw it last. …You know how it is, times goes by and it all becomes kinda new. Good doc!
I guess I should be sleeping, but I just don’t do that very well. I remember back in the days when I lived in Hermosa… Yeah, I would come home late, after a long night of clubbing or whatever, and when I went to bed, I would sleep so silently. Those days are long-long gone. Now, I sleep very little. Kinda sad, I believe. I like to sleep. Dreams are, so often, so much better than life.
You know, watching that doc, and having grown up in that era, in nearby Hollywood, it brings back all of these memories. Though I didn’t live in Laurel Canyon, I understand the message of the times. I did have a friend who lived next to Frank Zappa in Laurel Canyon, however. Zappa was definitely an influence on my life.  And yeah, years later, I was friends with Tipsy LaFabula, who had this great house right on Laurel Canyon Boulevard, where we filmed parts of Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell. But, anyway…
Whenever I have watched that doc, memories are churned. One of the main narrators of the piece is this, one time, very famous L.A. DJ. Now dead, I believe. I remember back when I was still in Hollywood High, my crew and I, we were out doing what 1970s teens did: driving the streets of Hollywood, looking for a deeper meaning to life, smoking dope, and the like. We ended up at the home of this one girl in Laurel Canyon. She was the stepdaughter of that DJ. I remember going inside her house for the first time and I was just stunned by the amount of LPs her father had lining all the walls of his home. It never occurred to me then, but he got all of those LPs for free. But, it just seemed like all of that music must promise some level of some sort of enlightenment.
I don’t know whatever happened to that girl. I wish I did. She was there and then she was gone.  She was one of those people who was just killing time in high school until she found her whatever else. She simply faded away. Plus, she lived in a different world than I. She was one of the chosen. …Those who lived in vast mansions up in the hills. While the others, like I, lived down in gutters of Hollywood in apartments off of Hollywood Boulevard.
But, all this being said, (and meaning very little), the doc, the first time and the second time and the subsequent times I saw it, it reminds me that, yes, back then, there was a ambiance. A hidden essence. A place in the time where all things were as they are, making all life mean something. Driven by music, life was promised to equal something more. Not unlike those of us who rode the first was of Punk, where reality was changing, and it appeared that, through music, life and reality was going to change. But, of course, it did not.
Maybe that is the reality of the truth of life. Sometimes there are those people who take us to a new plane of existence, via music or otherwise. A place where everything feels like it is going to get better.
I mean really, there is some good music out there. There is some really bad music out there, as well. All defined by what we like. But, that music guides us. It makes us feel a certain kind of way. And, from that music, we are promised a new vision. But, walk down the road, look back on that road a day, a week, a year, or a decade later, and what has really changed?
So… Is it all an illusion? I don’t know??? But, every now and then, there is a song and/or a place in music history, where it all just makes you feel okay.
I think that we really need to embrace those moments. Because they don’t come around all that often. They are here, then they are gone, and all that is left is people who make documentaries about those moments.
Now, is it late… Very late… I should undoubtedly go to sleep. But, I most probably won’t. I wish I could but I would rather be one of those people who inspires the world by one of their songs, or one of their whatever’s… So, I guess all I can do is stay up and create with the hopes of making that happen.
I guess late is too late but why?