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I always find life very interesting. I always find the excuses people make very interesting. Do you ever listen to a person making an excuse? What goes on is that they have done something wrong, inadequate, or something that you did not like, appreciate, or something that hurt you, and then, based upon what you said, they dig up some justification and/or rationalization for what they have done in an attempt to rationalize their actions. If you tell them, that is not good enough or you call them out for what they are saying then things can turn into an argument. But, the fact of the fact is, if someone is making an excuse, that is all they are doing. They are not saying that they are sorry. They are not attempting to remedy the situation. Nor are they trying to repair any damage that they created.

The next time you hear someone making an excuse, think about it. The next time you make an excuse think about what you are saying and why.