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Thievery in Your Heart

How many times have you bought something, used it, and then retuned it to the store for a full refund? How many times have you purchased a book, read it, and then returned it to the bookstore? How many times have you downloaded a song, a movie, a game, or a program from some file sharing site (or wherever) on the internet and did not pay the expected compensation to the creator? How many times have you knowingly taken an excess amount of change when a cashier made a mistake and gave you back too much money? How many times have you complained about the service at some establishment so you could get your meal or your whatever for free? In all of these cases, and in all cases like this, you are stealing. You may not want to hear this truth, but a thief is what you are. How does that make you feel? What karma do you believe is coming your direction for choosing to make/take those life actions?
Most people are not like this. They do not do those type of things. They understand the laws of universal exchange, that reverberates around the cosmos, and they choose to be honest, pay their fair share, pay the expected price, and move through their existence in a karmically clear fashion. Not everyone is like that, however. Some people seek to get all they can get for free. But, is that fair and is that right?
So, here’s the question, what things have you gotten in a less than honest manner? Truly explore this question in your mind. Go back as far as you can, from your childhood until now. What did you swindle from some-one or some-thing? Make a mental or a written list.
Now, ask yourself, why did you do it? What motivated you to behave in that manner? Who told you that this style of life-action was okay? Moreover, were you trying to impress someone by doing something wrong or did you simply feel you wanted something and deserved it for free?
Most thievery in life is not done on a large scale. On a large scale, when caught, that person will go to jail. Much of this style of aberrant behavior occurs almost hidden. …Hidden by the person who is enacting the action or hidden due to the fact that the individual can get away with it; i.e. someone buying something, using it, and then returning it or someone illegally downloading something from the internet. But, no matter at what level it is done, stealing is stealing. Just because you tell yourself it is not stealing, does not, in fact, not make it a crime; even if you can’t get arrested for it.
Have you ever had anything stolen from you? If you have then you know it doesn’t feel good, does it? So, why should you do it?
Most of us are elated when we get a good deal or something like that. But, that is not stealing. That is paying whatever price is asked from the person proving us with what we want. That is an honest exchange. That is not someone sneaking their way around the system to get something for free or next to free.
A lot of people make excuses for why they do what they do. But, an excuse, by its very nature, is nothing more than just that; an excuse. It is not the truth. It is simply someone attempting to sugarcoat and provide a justification for what they have done. Is that you? Is that how you behave?
If you have taken something in some dishonest manner in the past, why don’t you take a few moments out of your life and try to repay what you got in an unjust fashion. Seriously, you made a list just a few moments ago. Why don’t you attempt to pay back the person or the persons that you stole that something from?
You can do it silently. You don’t have to announce that you were a thief.
In doing this not only will you solve some of your own negative karma, but you may make that person, (or whatever), have a little bit of a better day, which may lead to them, (possibly), having a little bit of a better life. Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Wouldn’t that be a better thing?
Giving is always better than taking. Stealing, no matter how you do it, is nothing more than the pathway to negativity and bad karma.

Be the giver, not the taker. Never be the thief. If you have stolen, become a bigger person and undo the damage you created. Believe me, it will make everybody’s everything just a little bit better.