Scott Be Positive

How Bad Do You Feel About the Bad Things That You Do?

How bad do you feel about the bad things that you do? I was thinking about just posting this question and leaving it as a, that-is-that. But then, I thought, let me dig a little bit deeper into the subject.
It seems that life events always seem to happen in clusters. From this, it causes me to be forced to question certain very-specific levels of reality, for a time, in a continuous fashion. So, here we go again…
How bad do you feel about the bad things that you do?
There are people like me, who feel guilty about everything. I mean, even if I tell a joke that someone takes the wrong way, I feel bad about it. Then, there are people on the opposite end of the spectrum; those who just do not care about anybody but themselves and/or they could care less about any damage they do to someone else’s life. Some even revel in this power. I have known a number of people like this as I have passed through my life. Most people are somewhere in between. How about you? How bad do you feel about the bad things that you do?
The ultimate question you have to ask yourself is, why do you behave in the manner that you behave? The problem is, most people just live. They base their entire life upon excuses. They justify their actions towards other in oh so many ways. Whether it is their belief that they need to make money, they are doing it to fight for some person or cause, they did it to me so I can do it to them, that they have earned the right, that they feel they hold the justification to overpower someone else in some way, that they just don’t care about that anyone or the anything else, or that they are so lost into the realms of their own delusion that they never think about any of this at all. They just do what they do and all others be damned. Again, who are you? And, how do you behave?  How often do you ask yourself this question?
If we look around at the world, we see self-serving, hurtful behavior all the time. I am sure you can think about a time or times that it has happened to you. Because it has happened to you, because it has happened to all of us, wouldn’t you think that this would cause people, having felt the pain, to not want to unleash it onto anyone else and, thus, become a person who always desires to never hurt anyone and if they do they try to fix it to the best of their ability? But, it doesn’t seem that the world is like that, does it? There is hurt going on all the time. There is self-centered behavior going on all around us. There are people doing what they do, only thinking about themselves, and they are justifying their actions, at least in their own mind, by any number of self-defined levels of lies.
Is there an answer? I believe, the only answer begins with you. You must become the catalyst for change. You have to be the place where change is instigated. Because if you don’t do it, who else will?
You can make all of the excuses you want, justifying the actions you take for whatever reason you believe to be true. But, if what you are doing hurts someone, what is the ultimate consequence? Answer: You are part of the problem, not part of the cure.      
Most of us do not intentionally go out of our way to do hurtful things. For the ones who do, they should be condemned, not celebrated. But, those people are a very small percentage. This being said, there are times when we all may, unintentionally, do some damage to someone else’s life. It is what we do next that defines the ultimate course of those life events. You can try to fix it, or you can lie, deny, and/or just not care. Who are you? How bad do you feel about the bad things that you do?
It is you who sets the standard for how your life, and the lives of all those you encounter, will be lived. You can care enough to care and/or you can forever try to set the standard for making things right. This is not to say that if you are the good person, if you strive to do the right thing, that adversity brought on by someone else may not find you. But, with you attempting to be a beacon of light, what you project to the world, and the people you interact with, will always be remember as good and never hurtful.
How bad do you feel about the bad things that you do? Your life. Your choice.