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The Bad Things That People Do

I was sitting in the outdoor patio area of this local restaurant this morning having breakfast. I have a friend who owns a restaurant just across the street. Into his small parking lot this guy pulls his car into one of the only three parking spots, gets out, and walks across the street to the restaurant I’m eating at, where he goes inside and plants himself down with his laptop, planning to sit for who knows how long? He parked right in front of the sign, “For customer parking only,” without a thought. I gave him a cold hard stare as he walked by but what does any of that mean? I could see my friend setting up for his morning opening across the street, but missing one of his parking spot, which is very important to his business. All equaling, the bad things that people do.

Now, I get it, this is a very small issue among all of the larger bad things that are going on across the planet right now. And, when it comes right down to it, it is really none of my business. But, I like the guy—the restaurant owner. And, this pandemic has caused him to struggle just like so many other small business owners. But, here was that guy, not giving a fuck about anyone but himself and his getting a free parking spot. This, when there was a metered spot, on the street, right in front of where he parked.

Maybe it is that I don’t operate from that Life Perspective. I really try to do the right thing. But, think about how many people don’t. They just want to get what they want to get and they want to get it for free no matter who’s life it messes up. How about you? Do you behave like that?

There was a part of me that wanted to say something to that guy. I thought about it… There was part of me that wanted to go across the street and tell my friend where the guy, who was parking in his lot could be found, so he could say something. But, he’s a laid back guy. And, though he gets frustrated and angry, just like all of us, he probably wouldn’t want the confrontation.

But, what that guy did was wrong. No matter how small of an issue it was. Wrong is wrong and that is that. If you do wrong you are doing wrong no matter what your motivation. You are hurting someone’s something.

This is just something to think about as you pass through life. There is right and there is wrong. End of story. If you do something that is wrong, someone else gets negatively affected. Then, be prepared, because people will treat you the way you have treaded them.