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The Things That You Will Never Figure Out

Life is a pathway of realization based upon the fact the you will never be able to figure it all out. There are all of the things that you strive to know but many things will forever remain a mystery. Some people spend their entire lifetime attempting to find the answers. Others do not even care to try. But, no matter how or why you come at it, you will never know what you cannot know.

From the Hindu understanding of reality, all life is an illusion. It is all, “Maya.” This philosophy has sent many down the road to peel back the layers of illusion in an attempt to find the truth. But, the reality of the reality is, the greatest illusion is that there is no illusion at all. What is, is and it is a simple as that. But, to arrive at this realization takes a lifetime of study.

The easiest way to take yourself to the place where you realize that you do not and you cannot know everything is simple, just contemplate something you do not understand. This can be some grand mathematic calculation or it can be something very simple. But, think about something that you do not understand. Now, try to find the pathway to its understanding. Here’s the trick, most people never even try. They see what they see, they think they know what they think they know, but they never truly try to come to an absolute understanding of what they don’t know. Why don’t they know? What don’t you know? What are you going to do about it?

Where I live, I can see this parking lot. Cars come and go all the time as they have done for years. Recently, there has been two cars meeting in the corner of this parking lot every early morning and every evening. There are two people in these cars: one man and one woman. I have jokingly labeled them, “Part-time Lovers,” referring the great Stevie Wonder song from the 1980s.

This couple arrive every AM and every PM. In the evening sometimes they bring fold out chairs and sit in front of their cars. Mostly, they just disappear into the one car, which is an SUV. My estimation is that they are both married and they find a way to pull away from their spouses in the morning and the evening. For, if they were a legitimate couple, why would they meet in the parking lot every morning and night? But, I don’t know. I’m just guessing. And, though it is kind of fun for me to take notice of this couple and ponder why they are doing what they are doing; I will never truly know their reason why.

How much of life is like that? How much of your life is like that? How many things do you observe but you will never truly know the answer? Yes, you can speculate. Yes, you can think you know they answer. But, will you ever truly know the answer? No.

This is an ideal example of life; the part-time lovers. They are doing what they are doing. And, they do it religiously. They are doing what they are doing with an absolute pattern. It is observable. But, the answer to their, “Why,” is only known to them.

This is the truth of the truth. You can think you know. You can speculate about your knowing. You can even write a paper (like this) about your observation(s) but you will never truly know anything because all of life is unknowable except to the person or persons who are living what they are living and feeling what they are feeling.

Answer: There is none. You can never know what you do not know. You can spend your lifetime trying to find out an answer but, at the end of the game, the only realization you will come to is that you really did not know anything. Think about it…