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When the Past Comes Back to Haunt You

Back in the 1980s, I was living in this place in Hermosa Beach and I used to paint these very large (and I mean very large) paintings. I would staple gun the canvas to the walls and work. Then, I move to this smaller apartment right on the water in Redondo and I used an easel on my patio or I would work on this drafting table I had. Throughout that time period I had this (then) very cool yellow Sony AM/FM cassette player that I moved between locations to bring along my music when my stereo wasn’t an option. Time went along and I began doing The Roller Blade Seven with Don Jackson. Our offices, at the Hollywood Center Building on Hollywood Blvd., needed some music so I brought along that cassette deck. Don really loved it as he was all into that late ‘80s military look. Somewhere along the line, I gave it to him. He literally used that deck until the very late stages of his life as his in-car cassette deck. He took it with him everywhere. He used to play me new finds and the music he liked on it all the time.

Today, I was doing a Low-Con transfer of one of his films. I’m going to upload it to YouTube as it never really sold or rented very well back in the days of the Video Tape. I don’t think it even sold one DVD copy when I later released it in that new-fangled format. In fact, I black-n-whited it as the Hi-8 Analogue color just looked so bad to give the movie an air of somewhat of a something. Plus, the audio is scratchy as he used the on-board camera audio as his sound source.

Anyway… As I did a quick scan of the transfer this AM, I came upon a scene and there it was, that yellow Sony cassette deck. It was playing dance music for a couple of people to dance to in a scene. It made me smile, remembering the way back when…

So, think about this… Think about that Some Thing that you gave to that Some One…

Have you ever given something to someone that they cherish it for years to come? If you have, what is that/why is that? What did it mean to them and what did it mean to you by your giving it to them? Did they ever tell you how much they appreciate the gift? Or, did their gratitude remain silent?

Has someone ever given you something that you cherished for years? If they have, what is it? Why have you cherished it? What did it mean to you by getting it and what did it mean to them by giving it you? Did you ever tell them how much that gift meant to you? Or, did you just take it and run?

In life, we all give things to other people. Some/most of these gifts are giving because we have to. In other cases, we give something to someone because they really want it or, like in the case of that Sony cassette deck, they love that some thing.

How many of the gifts you have given have been truly appreciated? How many of the gifts you have given have been discarded and not cared about?

Giving is one of the greatest things you can do in life. Most of the gifts you give, however, probably don’t find a loving home. But, does that change the act of giving?

It’s a complicated question, leading to a complicated answer. You can give and that gift may be loved. You can give and that gift may not be appreciated. But, if you don’t give, then no one gets and what does that leave life looking like?

Why don’t you give a gift to someone today and watch the outcome. Maybe it will make their existence all kinds of better. Maybe it will be something that they will cherish for years to come.