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The Anatomy of a Lie

I think 2020 has been a strange year for all of us due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and all that. In some ways, early on, it almost seemed like it was going help the planet in some abstract way. I mean, the air got so much clearer because no one was driving, wild animals were roaming the streets in some locations, airplanes weren’t in the sky, people got to spend more time with their family, and there seemed to be a calm returning to the world. That was all pretty short lived, however.

There have been worse pandemics. Proportionality, more people died from the 1918 Flu. And, lost in the realms of history entire populations have been wiped out from causes known and unknown. Death and lost is never a good thing. But, that’s the reality of all our lives.

For me, my life never changed that much as I kind of exist out here on the extremities anyway. But, like most, I was kept from doing a lot of things I hoped to do. But again, that’s the reality of all of our lives, sometimes thing are out of our control.

Before I get too far off target here, let me begin… This will all tie together in a moment…

About a week ago, someone backed into one of our cars at the supermarket, didn’t leave any info, and just took off. That’s not the first time something like that has happened to me but whenever something like that happens it does raise the flags of annoyance because you gotta deal with the repercussions. …They left a pretty big dent in the rear bumper. So, we called up the insurance company and they told us the place to take the car and it was all setup to be fixed. No big deal.

Picked it up yesterday and it wasn’t a perfect job but what are you going to do? As someone who has been refinishing guitars for decades, I understand paint and I know you can get a perfect match to a color if you try. But, most everyone is so lackadaisical in their approach to their job and their life they just never seek any level of perfection. They didn’t even wash or polish the car like most body shops do when they compete a job. I left, my lady remain to finish things up.

The thing that occurred, and what all of this blibber blabber is actually about is, what the girl who set up the repair did next. I was gone due to not being happy with the job and I didn’t want to raise a fuss. As my lady was finishing up the paperwork the employee of the body shop went into a complete lie about what had occurred when I dropped off the car. She told my lady that she had dawn up the paper work, I had checked it out, and had approved everything. That is not true. What actually happened is that she said it would take twenty minutes or so to do the paper work and if I wanted to wait I could. I said, no thanks, just email it to us. I got an Uber and went home. Moreover, she went into a whole lie about some sap that was now on the car. Where that came from, I don’t know? But, they didn’t even clean it off or rub it out. And, as you may or may not know, sap can really damage paint. Again, she lied and told my lady that we had discussed all that. We did not.

Why do people lie? Why do people lie so easily? Obviously, this young lady was very well practiced in the art of lying as she so easily went down that road. And, that’s the thing about lying and liars, it is an acquired skill.

I have known a few liars in my life. People who lie and it is seemingly for no reason. But, why do they lie? What is their internal motivation for the lie? In the case of this young lady, I am sure it was some weird defense mechanism in order to keep her job in good standing or to make the work she did look better than it actually was. But, does that change the lie? No it does not. A lie is a lie is a lie and it will never be the truth. But, once a lie is told, it can never be retracted. This is especially the case with a person you will never see again. And, just maybe, that is why some people lie, they think they will never see that other person again. But again, that does not change the lie. And, a lie has the potential to set a whole destiny of further actions, reactions, and choices into motion.

Have you ever had a person lie to you and then go into a whole further defense for their lie once the lie was revealed? Have they additionally tried to orchestrate another lie to cover up the original lie with further lies? I know I have experienced that. It’s weird; right? You know they lied. They know they lied. Yet, they re-lie to reposition the original lie. But, it is all still a lie. And, a lie that leads to another lie never changes the original lie.

So, here we are in life; 2020. The pandemic is still ranging, though society has somewhat opened up. Is it any better? No, not really. Did anybody learn anything and/or become a better human being? No, doesn’t look like it. People are still doing the same things. Bumping into cars, taking off, and taking no responsibility for their actions. They are still lying to cover up their shoddy work or for who knows what reason???

Life is the same. People are the same. It is only you who can choose to make yourself a better vehicle of existence. Vehicle; get it?

Me, what could I do? I just wrote a one star review of the body shop on Yelp.