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Fixing the Broken Glass AKA Developing the Taste for Blood

You have a glass. It is a very functional glass. You can put it under the faucet and get a drink of water anytime you need one. Maybe it’s even pretty. Maybe you really like it. One day you drop it. It breaks. It’s gone. You can try to glue it back together but, even if you can, (which you probably can’t), it will never be the same. It’s perfection and functionality are gone forever. Now what?

That was your glass. When you broke it you may feel very bad about it but it was your fault. You can blame no one else. It is you who must strive to replace it. But, what about if someone else broke that glass? …That glass that you really liked and was very functional. Then what? What if they don’t care about your glass, you getting a drink of water, or you? What about if they broke that glass intentionally? What about if they broke it and they just don’t care?

Recently, here In the U.S., there have been a lot of protests taking place. There are various motivations for these protests but the one thing that has become one of the primary component for these protests is that certain people take them to the next level and decide to rob, loot, and destroy the businesses and the property of other people. In fact, as has been well documented, there is a certain subset of these so-called protestors who arrive simply to loot and pillage. Do they care about a cause? Do they care about those they are hurting? Do they care about the fact that they are destroying the livelihood of some other person? No, most probably not. They have simply developed the taste for blood and they have found that by arriving at a protest they will most likely be able to get some of their desired possession for free. Is that right? No, it is not. I am sure all of the people who read this blog will agree. Yet, it is going on all over the place. And, this style of behavior is not isolated to these recent protests. It takes place via various forms and various methods all over the place all of the time.

The other day a news reporter made an interesting statement. She said, in essence, “I think everyone who breaks in and loots one of these businesses should have to go back and help the people they have robbed reconstruct their life.” Think about it… That would be a very eye opening punishment if these criminals would have to do that. As she said, “It would cause them to see that they are people too.”

Think about your own life. Think about the people that you have robbed from, hurt, or damaged in some way, shape, or form. Have you ever been forced or simply desired to step in and replace what you have broken? Have you ever even cared enough to think about doing something like that? Or, are you like most; you live in a world of blame, denial, and excuses?

Here’s the assignment—the assignment if you are mindful enough to take it on; go out there and fix what you have broken. Step back into the life of someone you have hurt, stolen from, or damaged, and glue his or her drinking glass back together.

Do this, and the entire world becomes a better place.