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The People That Don’t Do Anything

I don’t know about you, but I am so often confronted in life with the people that don’t do anything. They say all kind so of things about all kinds of nothing, but they do zero, nada. They talk about what they want to do… They speak about what they will do… They have an opinion about this or about that… They have their emotions…. Maybe they even scream and rant and rave about whatever it is that is haunting them on the inside… But, they do nothing. They do nothing to make THEIR or THIS reality any better.
I often listen to what THIS person is saying about what THAT person has said about someone else. I have even had people contact me about what someone said about me. “I don’t like it,” they exclaim. My thought/my question is, “Then why didn’t you say something to countermand their negative assessment?” Most, of course, have no answer for this. Why? Because they are lost in a world of non-doing.
The reality of the reality of all of this is, most people do very little. They do very little except to advance their own agenda. How about you? What have you done to help the anything of anyone else but yourself? No really… What have you done to help the anything of anyone else but yourself?
This is an essential point to keep in mind as you pass through your life. If you haven’t done anything, what can you expect anyone else to do?
The fact of life is, positive is positive and negative is negative. We all know the difference. The difference is very obvious. Yet, think about what you are attracted to. All you have to do is to question yourself about the TV or the movies you like to watch; the books, the articles, the posting boards, and the blogs that you read. Where do you find your mind drawn? If you go towards the negative, this says a lot about you. Just as if you only focus on the positive. If you want to know who you truly are, the answer is very easy to find out. What do you focus on, causing you to say what you say and to do what you do? Answer to the question of Self revealed.
Okay, now that you know this fact about yourself, what has this self-definition caused you to do? Has it caused you to do anything? What negativity or positivity has it caused you to unleash? Or, based upon who you are, has it caused you to do nothing?  
From a spiritual perspective, the doing of nothing is much more pure. With nothing done, no karma is created. But, how many people operate their life from a truly spiritual perspective? If they follow the path of non-doing, their non-doing is not based in the mindset of Zen. It is based in all kinds of other non-defined psychological nonsense and excuses.
So, what can you do about this? This answer is obvious. If you don’t do, you should do. Because if you don’t do, nothing is done. Just remember, if anything you do is based in negativity, we all understand the ultimate outcome of that doing. So, do. But, only do to help. In helping, everything is made better.
Do with the purpose of goodness and from this the entire world becomes just a little bit better.