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Finding Enlightenment in the Mundane AKA Meditation Does Not Have to Hurt

I have always believed that one must make the mundane their pathway to enlightenment. I mean, let’s face facts, most of life is not all that exciting. It is not all that adrenalizing. Sure, there are those moments when great things happen and they make you feel really good—be those moments spiritually-based or otherwise. But, they are few and far between. Most of life is not like that.

The thing is, once certain people feel that heart pumping excitement, they constantly seek it out. This is true for worldly people and this is true for those walking the Spiritual Path, as well. Once they get hit with that first Satori or that initial Peak Experience, they know that kind of stuff exists and they try to find it again and again.

The thing about Spiritual Experience is, however, the moment you set it as your goal, your finding it becomes completely impossible. Because once it is that sought after something, it becomes that thing that can never be had—it is set somewhere off there in the unhaveable distance. Desired but never known.

This is the thing… People make spirituality a sought after something. They make it a goal. They are taught that they must sit and meditate for X amount of time or they are not a true practitioner. They are told, they must give up sex, they must give up all desire, they must shun all materialism, they must live a humble life, and reject all forms of ego. Sure, all this is great if that is who you are. But, most people are not like that. Most fight to meditate. Most beat themselves up over their desires. Many hate themselves for not being totally pure of thought. But, all this does is to set one into a constant state of turmoil. The fact is, thoughts and behavior like this remove one from true spirituality.

Meditation does not have to hurt! Being spiritual does not have to become a burdensome chore. It can be free. It can be natural. But, this is defined by how you approach it.

If you allow all of your life to be a spiritual progression, then you are living a truly spiritual life. You do not have to force yourself to do anything. You simply need to tune into that place in you which is naturally spiritual.

You can make anything your meditation. It does not have to be just you sitting there crosslegged trying to make yourself stop thinking. Certainly, watching a sunset or sitting by a stream or the ocean are obvious natural meditations. Watching the clouds move through the sky. Witnessing a bird fly by. Or simply quieting your mind and hearing the sound that are sounding around you. It is all meditation.

Currently, I have this small Christmas tree set up on top of my bookshelf next to one of my many statues of the Buddha. I have to keep it up high so my cat doesn’t get busy with it. It’s just a small fake tree that I got somewhere, some years ago. I would never cut down a tree, killing it, simply for Christmas symbolism. That’s just wrong! But, this year, for some reason, the lights on that tree just seem to be exactly in the right place. The image of that tree at night, really draws me in. I sit there staring at it. It’s a meditation. And, that’s the thing, anything can be your meditation. You just have to see it as such.

This goes to all things life. The thing is, a lot of life is pretty mundane. A lot of your life may not be fun or make you feel good. But, if you can sit there in that traffic jam and make it your meditation, feeling the movement of some cosmic energy surrounding you, then it too can become your pathway to self-realization.

Life is what you make it. Your life is what you make it. You can make it a process of extreme emotional upheaval or you can make it a meditation, leading to a better more enlightened you. Which one do you think is better?