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He Killed His Mother

A bit of family tragedy has just struck…

It was just a couple of weeks ago that my lady and I were discussing that we didn’t personally know anyone who had gotten The Rona (COVID-19). That was then…

My brother-in-law went out to party with his friends shortly after that discussion and brought it home. He ended up spending three days in the hospitable. He was released and is recovering. That’s not the tragedy. The tragedy is, he gave it to his mother; my mother-in-law.

What happened next is that, initially, she went to the emergency room but they sent her home with some meds. She continued to get worse. She was hospitalized about two weeks ago. She kept getting worse, even after giving her Remdesivir, so they intubated her. That’s pretty much a death sentence. This evening, they pulled the tubes and she passed away. My brother-in-law killed his own mother.

This, when there are vaccines out there that are ready to go. All these politicians make promises about everyone getting vaccinated. But, unless you are on the inside, it is impossible to get one. Yes, there are vaccines but people are still dying because they can’t get vaccinated!

For all of you people out there who don’t believe this shit is real, think again. A lot of people have died.

My bother-in-law, he’s kind of a dead beat. Forty-four years old and living with his mother. He used to steal cars and stuff. Did time in jail. He keeps meeting nice girls, he gets them pregnant, and then when they find out what kind of person he is, they leave him. Thus, the really sad thing is, the life of his kids have all been ruined.

Now, I understand the foundations for this guy’s behavior more than most. As the story goes, his father would actually pull the car over to beat him when he was a kid if he pissed him off while they were driving somewhere. And, that’s not even talking about what went on at home. For anyone who knows anything about old-school Korean fathers, this is not unusual behavior. Wrong, but not unusual. Combine that with being the pampered only son and it is/it was a catastrophe in the making.

So, he goes out to party. His friend gave it to him just as his friend gave it to his own family. They apparently all recovered, however. That’s good news for them. But, my bother-in-law brought it home and gave it to his mother equaling her death… A death that did not need to happen!

You know, if I had done something so foolish and selfish like that, I don’t how if I could live with myself. But, everyone has their own psychology. Most people, especially those who were fucked up in their childhood like he was, they have a strange sensibility. So, how he will ultimately react to this or what he will do, I don’t know. I do know, he will now be homeless. He killed his meal ticket. But, the point being, all this didn’t have to happen! I mean, the word has been out there forever: don’t congregate with people not of your immediate household, don’t party, social distance, and wear a face mask. But, how many people listen? One person, for sure, did not. And, look what occurred.

Now, she’s gone. Killed by The Rona. Killed by a foolish person who preferred not to care or believe that it would be him that got it.

I never called my own parent’s, “Mommy,” or “Daddy,” or anything like that. I always called them by their first names. My mother-in-law, however, everybody always referred to her as, “Mommy,” so I called her that, as well. Now, she’s gone. Gone for no reason. Gone for a selfish gesture that took another person’s life. Murder, by any other name. This style of murder is not illegal, however. But, it should be.

I get it; no one feels anyone else’s pain. That’s why so few people actually try to live a good life and/or attempt to fix anything that they’ve broken when they’ve done something wrong or something that has hurt someone else. I guess that’s just the human condition. Moreover, few people care about how another person is feeling. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can care. You can curb your own actions if they have the potential of hurting (or killing) someone else. You can reach out a helping hand. You can unleash a gesture of love. You can try to make things better and make things right. But, will you?

Think about this situation, it could happen to anyone in these days of the coronavirus. Let it guide you in how you behave.

Be careful. Be safe. Think about the other person. Think about how what you do could actually kill another person. Think about it, because it is happening everyday.