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Let's Meet Up

Ever since the birth of this pandemic, people have been kept from meeting one another. Also, since the birth of this pandemic, people have found unique ways to keep relationships alive.

Back when we were told that we were to be no closer that six-feet away from one another, I would see people pulling their SUVs back-to-back in parking lots where the occupants would sit on their rear decks, six feet apart, to have their conversations. I always found that amusing.

As time has gone on, we learned that as long as we are outdoors, and not directly in each other’s faces, it is probably okay if we communicate. With this, people have come to use other and new means to meet. For example, there is this one shopping center, not too far from where I live. Every time I go there on a Saturday, there is this group of elderly men who are sitting in the parking lot, surrounded by their cars, in their fold-out chairs, having what I guess is their weekly meeting. I don’t know? A parking lot just does not seem all that appealing of a location for a weekly meeting. Why don’t they go to a park or something? But, to each their own…

There is also this guy, I periodically see, in this other shopping center parking lot. When I go there he is sometimes parked over in one corner. He sits there in a fold-out chair, with his dog on a leash, in front of his ’66 Mustang. Again, why a parking lot?

I think back to the time, pre-pandemic… I have a couple of actor friends. They are fairly well-known guys. They would sit-down at this restaurant or that and order a coffee. There, they would sit, sometimes all day, holding court with all of those wanna-be friends and foes who hoped they would usher them into the industry. These restaurants would eventually tell them to leave as they were taking up the table space for far too long. Then, they moved onto the next and the next location.

I don’t know? I’ve just never been one of those people who likes small talk. It just seems pointless. I find if conversation lags with a person or if I have to think about something to say or force myself to talk with them we really don’t have that much in common. And, I hate to dive into those conversations, with long-time friends, about the what once was, way back in the way back when.

I do love coffee houses and locations like Starbucks, however. I go to them all the time. They are a great place to solo hang out and ponder life or to meet and talk.

One upon a time, here in the L.A. area, there were pretty much none of those style of locations left. The ‘60s coffee house were gone and until the ’80, when a few pâtisseries began to open up, there was no place like that. Then came the wave of Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs. You see people bringing in their laptops and hanging out for hours-upon-hours. I don’t know how some of those places make a profit with people taking possession of the tables and only buying one small drink.

Some of the locations have left us, however. I first began to notice this, many years ago now, when this Starbucks location that I really liked in Hong Kong packed up and was gone. I flew back into the city and headed over there the next AM but no more; they were gone. This trend really amplified during the pandemic. A lot of the under-performing locations have closed; including my favorite local haunt. But, that’s life… If you don’t change with the change you never change.

All this brings us to the point of the point—the need for human interaction and communication. We need to meet. Who do you meet? Where do you meet? What does your meeting give to you and what does your meeting do to and for that other person? What does it do to and for the location where you meet?

The all and the everything of the everything is, everything you do has consequences. It has consequences to you, it has consequences to them, and it has consequences to the greater all of the everything. If you don’t ponder this, if you don’t consciously consider this, if you don’t take that next person, that you do not even know, who may observing and/or be affected by your convergence into consideration, then all you have done is to bring two or more personal energies together for very selfish reasons.

What do your meetings with others equal? Why do you meet? If you don’t meet, why are you alone—why do you allow yourself to be alone? And, how does your alone impact the location where other people meet in couples or larger groups?

All life is based upon human interaction. From meeting to talking; from doing to having babies. What contribution does your meeting with others give to the all and the everything of the universal truth of existence? If you don’t know, you don’t know. If you don’t contemplate this, you can never know?

Know why you do what you do. Know why you meet the people you meet. By knowing this, the all of your meeting(s) becomes based in something more than nothing. From this knowing, your meeting(s) can mean something more than simply the killing of time until you die.