Scott Be Positive

Everybody Has Something to Say but Most People Don’t Have Anything Worth Listening To

I had these two Marshall Amplifiers that I realized I wasn’t using. So, I decided to donate them.
Whenever I donate musical equipment, I generally drop it off at this one thrift store over on, what may be defined as, the wrong side of the tracks. I hope to get it into the hands of someone who may not be able to afford that level of equipment. From this, maybe they will be able make some great music with it.
Sure, I know, someone may buy it so they can re-sell it on eBay. But, I try!
Anyway… At this thrift store, they have a cordoned off lane where cars can pull in and someone will help you unload your stuff if you need assistance. Just as I was about to pull into that line, this woman cuts me off and goes into it. Okay… I follow her and watch as she slowly gets out of her car, walks to the passenger side, and begins to look at each piece of clothing she is going to donate. Reading the writing on the wall, I back out, pull up alongside the line, open my truck, grab the amps, load them into the thrift store’s containers, and am leaving. The lady exclaims, as I walk by her old PT Cruiser, from the 1990s, that is not in very good condition, “Blocking traffic so you can do what you want.” Wow, what does that even mean?  First of all, I wasn’t blocking traffic. There was none. Second of all, there was a major lane for people to pass by me if they wanted to. But, there she was, this aging woman that she felt she had to add some narration to my life. I caught myself staring at her, wonder who she was and why she behaves like this. But, the truth of the truth is, this kind of behavior goes on all the time.
Think about the internet and all the cowards that hide behind screen names, they say all kinds of hurt-filled garbage and do not even care. Then, there are people like this lady—someone locked into the righteousness of their actions and their all-knowingness about the reality of everyone else.
I mean, when you look at the people who behave in this manner, it always seems they are the ones who are unhappy with their life and their life circumstance. Like the people who drive those really junky cars down the street and cut you off. As they take no pride in their life all they hold is bitterness and resentment. Do they care of if their car gets damaged? Of course not.
It’s like when riots break out and people destroy their own neighborhood. They live in squalor, they have nothing, so they care about nothing. Thus, they want to hurt those who do have something. They want what is owned by that someone else, so they steal, ravage, and then destroy.
I have always warned my martial arts student to study the eyes of any person they are about to get into a physical confrontation with. There are some people who just do not care. And, if they do not care about themselves, they do not care what they will do to you. They are the ones you have to be very careful of, because fighting a person like that can be deadly.
It’s like here in L.A., and in other places, as well, the homeless population has skyrocketed. Almost everyday, on the local news, you hear about some homeless individual viciously attacking, and in some cases killing, an unsuspecting stranger. It’s really sad. But, these people have nothing to lose. In many cases they suffer from mental illness and refuse to take or cannot obtain the medication that would help their condition. Plus, law enforcement cannot enforce the law anymore, and the D.A’s just cut the criminals free awaiting trial. So, they go out and do it again. The system is broken!
I think we’ve probably all encountered people like that woman who wanted to tell me about my life and felt she had the right to do so. I know this is not the first time something like this has happened to me. What can we do? The answer is we must always be the bigger person. We must always be the better person. Now, this does not mean that our positive behavior is going to change that other individual in any manner or the way they treat other people. But, at least it will not escalate the situation, as that is what many of these people, who live on that low level of human consciousness, actually hope for. In fact, if you can, say something nice to them. Change the direction of what they have instigated by their unwanted, unwarranted statement.
The moral of this story is: today, if you are going to say anything at all, say something nice. Nice, always makes things better. And, if you believe you have the right to inflict your opinion about anybody’s anything onto anyone else, think again. Because if what you are saying is not making something better, in the life of the person you are taking about, or to the entire world as a whole, really, wouldn’t it just be better if you ate your words and kept them to yourself? Then, at least, you would not have added any agitation to an already turbulent world.
If you are not going to say something nice and positive, be wise enough not to speak.