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You Have to Want it

Like I always say, you have to want it or it just isn’t going to happen for you or matter to you. For example, if someone gave you a rare First Edition but you don’t care about the subject or the author, that gift isn’t going to mean anything to you. If someone gave you an expensive Swiss watch but you only check the time on your phone, the craftsmanship and the precision of that watch is not going to matter to you. If someone gave you a ’58 Les Paul but you don’t play guitar, you wouldn’t know or care about the value of that guitar. It’s like my lady says, “A guitar is just a piece of wood with strings on it.” But, you give me that book, I would cherish it. If you gave me that watch, I would wear it. If you gave me that ’58 Les Paul, I would make musical magic with. Again, you have to want it to want it.

People want things all the time. In fact, most people spend a good percentage of their life in fantasy. But, if you don’t work towards getting that something then you will most likely never have it.

I taught the martial arts professionally for years. Every student who came through my doors went away with a skill set. As long as they wanted it, they tried and they trained, thus they became. But, that is a physical and mental sport. Though some would certainly do certain aspects of it better than others, all can find their own Best Self if they want it.

For the multitude of people who attempt to enter things like the film industry, it is almost impossible to embrace that dream that so many possess of stardom. But, if you are willing to alter your dream, accept less, you can Become. But, to Become anything, to get anything, you have to try, you have to want it.

I was sitting in the courtyard of a temple, enjoy a tea with this monk I know. This young woman walks by and he jokingly says, “I wish that girl with the earrings would take me away from all this.” To describe the woman, she was youngish, had short hair, and had numerous earrings in each ear. For that moment, the monk wished for something else. We both smiled and continued our discussion about metaphysical matters and the drinking of tea.

After this, I did not see him for a time when I visited the temple. He had apparently been put in Lock Down. I never said anything about what he said and no one else was close enough to us to hear his statement so he must have reported himself. He wanted his monkshood more than he desired a life of the world and that girl. So, he took the penance and refocused his energy, alienating the world of desire for a time.

People want things all the time. As stated by the Buddha, certainly, “Desire is the cause of suffering.” You want, you don’t have, thus that not having becomes the definition of your life. But, does wanting and not having have to be your end point? Where is the magic in your pursuit?

Everybody wants something. The primary premise of this world is that it is based in desire. But, wanting does not have to be a cataclysmic event in your life. It does not have to be your End All. If you let it control you, then it controls you. But, if you control it, then you control it. Just like the monk, you can have a momentary want, but it does not have to change the trajectory of your life.

The problem that most people have, in relation to their wanting, is that they let it control their life. They allow it to control their mind, thereby controlling their actions. People do all kinds of bad things to get what they want. They do it to others and they do it to themselves. But, those are people who are doing what they are doing based solely on desire without a clear perspective of their personal reality.

It was like when I was teaching the martial arts I had this one student who had been struck by a car when he was very young leaving him with physical and brain damage. Nice guy. Really enjoyed training. But, due to his condition, he could not do some of the physical movements to the level of someone who had not undergone his trauma. But, he knew it. He told me his whole story the moment he signed up. That did not stop him from training hard. He trained with all of his ability defined by the definition of his ability.

This is something that everyone needs to think about in the pursuit of what they/you want. You must define your parameters. You must know you strengths, your possibilities, and your limitations. You must not let your undefined, unattainable desires over power your reality. For if you do, your life will be defined by nothing more than agony brought about by your lack of fulfillment.

Know what you want. Work towards its obtainment, if that’s what you want. But, know who you are and what you are. Define what you want by what you can have. It will make your life so much simpler and more fulfilling.