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Why Do You Support Negativity?

Recently, a lot of people have become up-in-arms over the fact of all of the mass shootings taking place in the U.S. and (really) across the globe. Others say, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” But, if these killers didn’t possess a gun, they more than likely would not have set about on a killing spree.  
Do you think that scrawny little mass murderer would have gone face-to-face, toe-to-toe with his victims in Highland Park, Illinois a couple of days ago? No. He did what he did because he was a coward, and he had a gun. He could kill them from afar and not have to actually fight his victims.
That guy in Uvalde, Texas last month, he walked in a killed a bunch of kids with his assault rifle. Coward!
That guy, he even had followers online. Which means, there were people who were supportive of his actions. They are just a karmically responsible as him.
Though most people do not go and kill unsuspecting civilians, look around you, this style of hurtful negativity takes place all the time. It happens when the big burly guy or the trained fighter, who knows he holds the advantage, goes up to the smaller, more meek individual, and slaps him. e.g. Will Smith to Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. Coward! It occurs with the person who shows up to a fight with a gang to back them up. Coward!
On-line this goes on all the time. Think about it, all the cowards who attack people via the internet. Think how many people support their words, deeds, and actions. Do you?
I was watching one of the cable news services yesterday and this guy, probably a psychologist, was discussing how the Highland Park killer had some sort of obsession with the number forty-seven. He even had it tattooed onto his face. The talking head said something very important, in essence he stated, that to these mentally deranged people that number, (or whatever else it is they are obsessed with), means something very important to them—it possesses some strong symbolic meaning. Though it is a driving force in their life, it means nothing to anyone else. Think about it, each of these people, these cowards, all have something locked in their mind that the believe to be some guiding force. But, it only means something to them. It means nothing to anyone else.
How about you? What matters to you? What means something to you that perhaps means nothing to anyone else?  This is an important thing to ponder as this is that some-thing that will guide you down the Life Road you walk upon. What is in your mind that makes you do what you do? And, why do you allow it to guide your actions? …If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then you don’t know the answer and you can become controlled by this self-absorbent obsession.
Like I say over and over again, you need to meet any negativity with positivity: with-in you and with-out you. If you see negativity occurring, be the force that changes the conversation and the actions. Say or do something positive. If it isn’t you doing it, if you’re not the one changing the course of what is taking place, then that negativity will continue to fester.
And, for you people who have unleashed negativity, if you have not corrected it, what does that say about your character? If you’ve hurt, you need to unhurt. If you’ve broken, you need to repair or replace.
The is a lot of negativity going on around us all the time. But, if it isn’t you who embraces positivity and at least tries to change the direction of the event, who else will do it? If you wait for someone else to do it, that negativity may go on forever and ever.
Think about it, if you’re positive, if you meet negativity with positivity, it can be you who sets a course of events into motion that may make this entire world just a little bit better.  Be the force of positivity.