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Free Mind

In Zen Buddhism, the state of Mushin is the sought after plateau of No Mind. It is the place where an individual encounters the divine state of pure thought and pure action while embracing the essence of non-action. Though few people ever focus their intentions upon achieving this state of grace, its simple concept and understanding is an ideal that could be used to help define anyone’s life who wishes to live in a state of a less problematic existence.
Look around your life right now. Consciously take in all of the things that you see in front of you. Calculate all of the items that you own. Take a moment right now and isolate one of those objects. Ask yourself, “What did it take me to obtain that something?”
This is the thing that very few people ever do. Yes, they want. Yes, they desire. Yes, they set about on a path of getting what they want but they never consciously look at the impact of obtaining that something that they want. They never think about how what they do to get that something does to the life of anyone else.
Again, right now, focus on something that you own and truly chart out all of the things that needed to occur for you to get that something.
Once you do this, an entirely new world of understanding will open up for you as you will come to understand that no quest is locked into itself. That each desire, whether acquired or not, spreads out from your mind and affects so many other things in your life and the life of others.
Now, that you have isolated that one items, spread outwards. What other things do you own? What actions have you taken to get them? What have you done to fulfill your desires? For most, once they begin to see the truth of their reality, they will come to understand that it is almost unfathomable about how much was done to get all that they own and all that defines their life.
Most, never question any of this. All they see is what they have, what they want, and what they do not have. But, think about it… Now, that you realize all that it took for you to obtain that one item you initially focused upon, think what all your GETTING has done to your Life Space and the Life Space of others.
The truth be told, most people don’t care. This is why there is so much chaos in the world. Most people only think about themselves on the road to getting what they want. But, think to a time when someone was pursuing something that they wanted and it negatively affected your life. That was most likely not a good thing; at least for you. Maybe they got what they wanted, maybe they did not, but their quest came to be defined by them hurting you. How many times have you unleashed hurt in your own quests onto the life of someone else? Is that right?
Again, look around at your Life Space. View all of your acquisitions. Assess all of the things that you possess that you once truly wanted and now you no longer care about. What did getting those things do to you and your life and to the life of others?
If you do not contemplate these things, you are living in a very unconscious and selfish place of existence. This is the birthplace of all life problems, discontentment, unhappiness, and the hurt and the destruction of the life of anyone else affected by your quest for your desires.
If you wish to live a better, more peaceful life, you need to let go of your quests for desired objects and personal, ego-driven, life accomplishments. Seek Mushin and all becomes better. Not only your life but the life of all of those who your life impacts.

A Free Mind is Free. It is free from turmoil, it is free from emotional anguish, it is free from the pain of not obtaining a desired desire. It is also free from negatively impacting the life of others instigated by the desire to fulfill an individualized desire. Pure Mind, Mental Freedom is Grace. It is Nirvana.