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The Exhibition of Power

I just finished watching the new Netflix series, Tiger King 2. Though not as bizarrely interesting as the first one, what this edition to the series did was to truly portray how some/certain individuals exercise their power over other creatures, (like animals) to supplement their own gains. Whither these own gains be money, control, sex, claimed American Rights, fulfilling their own interpersonal lack of selfhood, or whatever. But, no matter how you slice it, there are some people out there who do some very-very bad things to animals and to people so that they can get their fix of power and of control.

If you look around life, you see this all the time. People
do things and say things and create situations so that they can unleash their power. They do things to maintain power over others. But, why do they do this? In all cases it is done to fulfill that LOSS, that emotionlessness, that not-enoughness that dwells within them.

This problem is rooted in the fact that some people do not have the developed Self Awareness or possess the ability to be able to truly see themselves. They do not hold the ability to be able to truly look within themselves and find out who and what they truly are and pinpoint their lackings. As they do not possess this ability, they do all kinds of BAD things that hurt other living creature: (animal, human, and otherwise), and in fact, by behaving in this manner, they do things that hurt ALL LIFE.

I once had a friend who breed Rottweilers. It was just appalling. He had these beautiful dogs and they were beat into submission by this leather belt he had hanging near their small fenced-in enclosure where they were forced to live. I would just shiver in disbelief when he would proudly beat them into doing whatever it is he wanted. He had this one very-very large, (probably the biggest Rottweiler I had ever seen), animal and the dog was so messed up from being beaten all the time that when he was happy and being petted he would growl. He did this because that was the only emotion he knew. Whenever a pup was born with some white in it, (as I guess that is bad in the Rottweiler breed), the guy would kill that puppy. How horrible! How selfish! How unaware! How life WRONG! But, that guy is still alive. The dogs are not. Thankfully he no longer breeds dogs. This is just one example of the heartless exhibition of power and control that goes on all the time and you could see a lot of it in Tiger King 2.

If we look at life, people extend this behavior of their exhibition of power to all elements of their life. They do it with animals, they do it with things, they (especially) do it with people. They do it, but they are so unaware as to their own inner emotions, the own inner demons, and their own inner motivations that they cannot stop. They simply find new and ever-evolving justifications and excuses for their actions.

I think in this period of history, (where we find currently find ourselves), during the age of the pandemic, during the #woke and #cancelculture, we are all bombarded by people doing all kinds of self-motivated actions; all initiated by a misguided sense of Self. So much so that many individuals believe that they have the right to exhibit and project their own personal beliefs onto others. But, do they? My feeling is, if you hurt anyone or anything for any reason, then what you are doing is wrong. But, who owns that? Who owns what they do? Who studies themselves to the degree that they can view, weed out, and learn how to control and heal those dark places inside themselves where a person’s personal quest for power hurts others? Very few.

So, what happens when we see this type of behavior? What can we do? What happens when we notice it in ourselves? The answer is we (personally) must be strong enough to correct it. This does not mean confronting that someone else who is doing it, as all that leads to is confrontation based on personal bias. But, it all comes down to the YOU. The YOU who is aware and enlightened enough to be able to stop yourself from doing bad things to other people’s life—all life, and this Life Space in general. It must be YOU who corrects any pain, hurt, or damage you have created. It must be YOU who seek out the lacking in yourself and never-never allows that deficiency to cause you seek out power over others (by any means) which only leads to the instigation of pain. And, NEVER NEVER make excuses for your desire for power over others. STOP IT! FIX IT! Be more than someone who’s desire for power hurts the life of someone, something, or anything.