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Most of You Will Fail

There is this certain belief/there is this evident hope, in the minds of most of us, that we will succeed; that we will climb to the top of the ladder wherever our ladder is pointed. …That if we were tested, we would past the test. …That where others have failed, we believe that we would never do that. But, look around the word, how few are those that have truly succeeded. Look around the world, how few are they who once put to the test have not succumb to the trappings of any success they may have found. The fact is, most of you will fail.

There are so many ways that one may view success in this life. It is truly individually defined. So, take a moment right now; how do you define you becoming successful? Where do you see your success? How do you define your success?

The thing is, and one of the main reasons so few people find success, is that they do not clearly define their goal. Sure, they want to be this or that. Sure, they want to own that or this. Sure, they want the admiration and the respect. But, what do you truly define as your success? Where is that plateau where you would consider yourself successful?

The problem is, this is the stage where most people simply become lost in fantasy. They see themselves as a superstar of whatever. And yes, that fantasy may be the desired end-goal but when you are locking yourself and your mind into this space of seeing yourself as someone else, seeing your life as if you were living the life of someone else, then you can never achieve that because that is the life of someone else, not you. Therefore, if you ever hope to gain any true success you must define it by your own abilities and possibilities.

The next step in all of this is to take stock of who you are as a human being. Again, this is something that very few people do as they dream of achieving success. The fact is, most people have not developed their mind to the degree that they truly deserve success. This is why so many celebrities, bosses, or soothsayers fail once they begin to reach the top of their chosen profession and begin to experience any true level of success. As their mind is not highly developed, they do things that hurts the life of others or diminish their own worthiness in the eyes of the masses by the dark deeds that they perform. Some end up arrested, some end up broke, and some end up scorned. But, what for sure has happened is that they went against the goodness of whatever position of success they obtain and thus they fell from grace.

All true success is based upon your ability to actualize that success. Dreams/fantasies are not success. Beating someone up to raise your position skywards simply because you can is never the road to true success and it will cost you in the long run.

If you ever hope to gain the true success you desire for your life, you truly need to take the time to understand you, define your capabilities, and then refine your mind to the degree that you are worthy of true success. For without that, failure is all you can ever achieve.