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Daivim and the Positive Being

Translating words from an ancient language like Sanskrit is always a bit tricky. Languages are developed to reflect the culture, the temperament, and the mindset of a specific place and a time in history. Stepping back thousands of years and what was going on then is absolutely different from what is going on now.

This is simply a preface to understanding that when you use a word, particularly a word from an ancient culture, its interpretation may vary. But, its essence should remain the same.

The simple translation of the Sanskrit word, “Daivim,” is, “Shining one.” In Sanskrit, the word, “Daivim,” is used to describe a person who is the embodiment of positive energy and is moving forwards like a Deva or Devi—a god like creature.

How many people do you know who are truly positive creatures? How many people do you know that consciously form their existence around doing only positive things? How many people do you know that do not hold a self-interest in their interactions with other people? How many people do you know that exist in a space of pure positivity? How about you?

The thing that most people never take the time to think about or even consider is everything that they do is a choice. What they do they do for a reason but more times than not that reason is not based upon a mindset of positivity, that reason is based upon a mindset of self-gratification.

Who do you think is the better person? The individual who is constantly trying to rise up the ladder of life; getting more and having more, or the person who is actually embracing positivity in all that they do and truly spreading that positive energy, without reservation, in all that they do?

In your life, you can make the decision to be positive. You can make the decision to put your own needs and desires on the backburner and step forward through the rest of your life in a selfless manner, doing positive things, and only embracing positive energy. It’s not easy, I get it. But, at the end of the day what really matters in the life of any person; them getting what they want, feeding what they believe they deserve or desire in any given moment, or them spreading the positive universal energy of light onto all people and all things?

Life is your choice. You can do whatever you want with it. You can make justifications for all that you do. But, there is only one truth in the ever-expanding, ever-evolving cornucopia of existence and that truth is, the person who chooses to embrace positivity and spread that energy outwards, everywhere is truly understood to be the best and the greatest of what humanity has to offer.