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The Last Thing That They’ll Remember

People forever seem to be locked into their moment, whatever that moment may be. They also seem to be lost in what they are feeling. Though they may believe that they have a very specific reason for feeling what they are feeling. Or, they might just be flying off the handle, screaming out whatever their momentary emotion may be. Whatever the case, one way or the other, a lot of people say and do a lot of things that the person they are doing it to will hold in their mind forever.
Think about something negative that someone said to you the last time you saw them. How deeply do you hold those words in the recesses of your mind? When you think of that person isn’t that the thought that comes to your mind? Isn’t that how you define that individual?
Now, turn this around. Think about something really positive a person said to you the last time you saw them. Isn’t that what reverberates in your mind when you think of them? Aren’t those words the way in which you define that individual.
I imagine that we all have had people say some really messed up stuff to us a various times throughout our life. I know I have. In fact, I have this one person, in my extended family, who it seems every time I am ever at any family function with her, she comes after me for some reason out of the blue. Now, me being me, and realizing it is never a good thing for a man to come back at a woman, I just let it go. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something I could say to her. That doesn’t mean that I could not defend myself. But, it is just better for a gentleman to stay silent in regard to women when they are on the attack.  Yet, my entire definition of her is characterized by the fact that she is always looking for a reason to attack me. What’s her problem with me? Who knows? I’ve never been anything but nice to her. And, here’s the thing, people who possess an unrefined mind express themselves from a very animalistic place of consciousness. They do not focus on a refined sense of mindfulness. Thus, they only unleash words and actions from an extremely low level of human existence. Where do you find yourself in this equation?  
If we look at this a little bit deeper, what happens if those harsh words are the last thing you ever hear from the mouth of that person? Answer, that is how they will forever be defined in your mind.
Now question, how are you defined in the minds of other people? What have you said, what have you done to people that has been less than nice? If you have hurt someone with your words or your actions, how do you think they think about you? Moreover, if anyone thinks adverse things about you, based upon what you have said or done, how do you believe that defines you in the grand scheme of life?
People can be harsh. That’s a choice. Just as people can be nice. That’s also a choice.
Who are you? What do you say and why do you say it?
If you say hurtful negative things, how are you defined in the minds of others?
Ask yourself this question before you ever say or do anything to anyone, because if those words or those actions are the last interaction you ever have with that person, that is how you will be defined in their mind forever.
Say good things. Do good things. If you have said or done anything bad to anyone, fix it. Because if you don’t, that is how you will forever be defined.
How do you want to be remembered?