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From Here to Wherever

I was watching, From Here to Eternity last night. It’s a really good movie that really stands the test of time. The one thing that I particularly noticed was that everyone was smoking and drinking whiskey all the time and then they were locking lips. That must have been really nasty. I mean kissing someone who has just smoked is really foul; add to that whiskey and…

I grew up in a household of parents who smoked. It was at a time when they were really announcing how bad smoking was. My father had his first heart attack and the doctor told him to quit. He said, “I like smoking.” His next heart attack killed him. He was only forty-eight.

A bit later in life, when I was maybe thirteen, my friend’s father asked me if I smoked. I did not. I never did. But, my mother’s smoke was so all over the everything that my clothing smelled of it. Then, add to that all of my years upon years of involvement in the Korean martial arts, where everyone of my Korean instructors and contemporaries smoked. And, it was everywhere. My father-in-law, (my last drinking buddy), died from lung cancer from smoking. Believe me when I tell you that is not a good way to go out. Add to that all of the seedy bars I hung out at in Asia and forget about it…

In the 1970s and into the 1980s I would meet a pretty girl and one thing would lead to another. You know how it goes… The problem being, many of them smoked. Kissing someone who smokes is just nasty. I’m sure I have written poems about that published somewhere? Yet, a man needs his women…

I remember I had this one semi long-term girlfriend when I was in my twenties. She smoked when I first met her. She supposedly quit for me. I had left her West Hollywood, just above the Sunset Strip and the Whiskey A-Go-Go, apartment to go somewhere but I had forgotten something. I ran back up the stairs, went inside, and there she was smoking. She had lied. She still smoked. She was just hiding it from me. Addiction is a hard-core thing.

I have this one friend that I have known forever and ever. We came up through the days of Punk together. But, I knew him long before that. He started smoking at the late age of thirty and he still smokes to this day. I never understood why. He’s a smart guy. Plus, he is in complete denial about the reality of second hand smoke???

Think about life. Think about the things that you do. Think about how the what you do does something to someone else. How much do you care? Do you care at all or are you willing to fight for your right to party?

From Here to Eternity; great movie. But, more than that it is a depiction of a time, a place in history, that offers a unique view into interpersonal reality. It also offers a unique view into how people behave. How do you behave? How do the people you know behave? And, how do you define your life by what you choose to do, what your doing does to others, and how what you do affects the greater whole of the world? Are you willing to die a horrible death and maybe kill others in the process just so you can do something that is really a nasty habit. …Think about it… Not just smoking but what do you do that is offensive and hurtful to others.

If you hurt yourself—if you hurt anyone, you are hurting the entire world.