Scott Be Positive

How Quickly Can You Find Your Meditative Mind?

In each of our lives we encounter situations that cause us to lose our peace. Yes, you can train your mind to not become upset. But, most people don’t.
Here’s the thing, ask yourself, why do you become upset? The answer, you do not like what is taking place. Whether this is brought about what is happening to your life via some abstract something or it comes at you from someone doing something that you do not like, most people lose their peace from time to time. That’s just the reality of life.
The simple remedy for this is, refuse to care. Think about it… Think about something that you became upset about… If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t care. Right?
The thing about this mindset is, however, it is a Mind Game. It is you causing you to remove yourself from the most animalistic nature of your being and rising to the level of control where you elevate yourself to the position of administrator of what you feel. Meaning, you stop the feelings that you do not want to feel.
Though this is a powerful tool, most people never choose to develop the ability to actualize it. Thus, they allow themselves to be controled by the Out There instead of the In Here.
Another pathway towards control of the mind and its emotions is that of, Removal. This is why people move to monasteries, ashram, and the like. Removed from the things that the average person is forced to encounter on a daily basis, they are allowed to move deeper into the more spiritual realms of reality as they are not confronted with the sporadic randomness defined by the majority of those who inhabit the regions of the common world where a person’s only concern is themselves and from this selfish and bad doings are enacted.
Most people do not possess the inclination to live a life that removed from the states of common and accepted reality, however. Thus, most are left dealing with the realities and the conflicts found in day-to-day life.
If this is your case, then what are you left with? How can you live in the world but not be dominated by the world?
Ask yourself, how quickly can you find your meditative mind? Have you ever even embraced your meditative mind? Do you commonly step into your meditative mind? Truly, what is your answer to these questions? Because your answer to these questions will detail the level of reality you are currently living.
In truth, most people never attempt to find the space of peace present within their meditative mind. Most do not meditate. There are a million reasons for this, but that does not change the fact. The problem arises, if you do not meditate, then you have chosen to develop no control over your mind. From this, you are defined by the whims of your mind. You are defined by the emotions present in your mind; evoked by whatever external stimuli you may encountered: good or bad. If you have not developed the ability to consciously step into your meditative mind at will, that, in and of itself, provides you with the definition of your life and why you will constantly be swayed by what is taking place outside of yourself.
Each of us, in our lives, will experience things that we do not like. That is human nature. But, it is what we do with those experiences, internally, that will set the definition of our life and will dictate what will happen next in our life.
Do you meditate? If you do not, why don’t you? Seriously, why do you not meditate? If you do meditate, how long does it take you to find your mediative mind?

The fact of the fact is, the more you meditate, the quicker you will be able to embrace that spiritual place of human existence where you are not dominated by the external goings on of the world around you.
Which do you believe is better, being force into feelings and then being wholly controlled by those feelings, instigated by whatever external experience you may find yourself encountering? Or, no matter how frustrating you may find a particular life experience to be, possessing the ability to control yourself to the degree where you can guide yourself into the mindset where peace and silence may be experienced instead of turmoil and desperation?
Meditation is not hard. In fact, it is perhaps one of the easiest things to do in life. Yet, so few people learn how to do it. Through practice and developed technique if you can train yourself to quickly and readily enter your meditative mind you will be able to shield your life from random attacks of self-propelled emotional sabotage and come to a state of tranquil understanding.
Meditate, you may be able to find a new world where you are no longer dominated by the whims, desires, bad doings, and bad attitudes of others. Meditate and you may be able to experience the profound wisdom of silence.