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The Definition of Your Life and The Projection of Your Reality

Have you ever bought one of those pieces of furniture that you had to put together from a store like Ikea or something. Sometimes the pieces are so precise that you have to get them in the exact spot that they were intended or they will not fit together?

Think about your life; how well do your pieces fit together? How well do you fit into your life? For some, life is very simply, they find their placement, they fit into it, and they move through it with little concern. For others, it is just the opposite. They do not/cannot find a place to place themselves where they meet that perfect fit. But, why is this? Is fit based upon where you are supposed to be or is it based upon where you relinquish control and simply allow yourself to exist?

Think about your own life. Truly take a moment. How well do you fit into it? If you do fit well into your life, why is that? What is the reasoning for your fit? Is it the fact that you were dealt a good hand of cards, where you got what you wanted? Or, is it due to the fact that you simply accepted your reality?

What about if you feel that you are not well suited for the life you find yourself living? Why is that? What is missing from your life that would allow you to thrive?

If you look across the globe, if you look back through time, there were and are a good percentage of the world’s peoples, in fact most of the world’s population, who live defined by very meager circumstances. Are they living their Best Life?

From the perspective of those who live in the developed world, where opportunities are abundant, one may question, how could that be? But, isn’t all life defined by your perspective of that life? One person sees one thing the way they see it, while another individual views it from an entirely different perspective. Moreover, you only know what you know. If you don’t know, you can never know.

This brings us back to the question of Life Fit. If you feel that you are well fitted to your life, how much time do you spend contemplating, “Why?” Sure, for those who have found success, they may relish in the possessions they own or the position that they have. On the other side of the coin, for those who have not achieved what they desired, they may constantly think about what they want but they do not have. Yes, many make all kinds of plans in their mind about what they would do if they did have what they wanted, living the life that they wished they lived. Like many, you may even set a course for that life attainment. You may work hard to get it. You may even lie, cheat, steal, and hurt others to move towards that dream. But, do you ever stop to contemplate that Life Fit is based mostly upon an acceptance of your reality rather than simply the pursuit of that illusive something?

Some people are designed to fit into a specific mold. Yet, they desire to be that Some Thing Else so they spend their time pursing that whatever. But, if you look to those who do achieve—if you look closely, there are many who never truly fit into the role they have achieved. They have simply forced themselves into a Life Place and from this they live an existence defined by conflict, chaos, and the constant need to prove themselves; ultimately leading to a life with no Peace or Suchness.

Predominately due to the internet, this modern world allows a lot of people, from all parts of the globe and the global reality, to raise themselves to the eye-line of the all and the everybody. It has provided opportunities that never existed before; especially in terms of chasing that Thing, that Persona, that is Out There. All that is good. But, that does not change the fact of fitting into your Life Fit. Yes, it may give birth to a million more desires. It may even give birth to a million more temporary celebrities. But, it does not/it cannot change the essence of who a person truly is. Fame and/or success does not necessarily equal a True You.

Moreover, if you can’t achieve what you want to achieve doesn’t that mean that you shouldn’t have it? Doesn’t that mean that it is not the True You?

So, who are you? What are you? Where do you fit? You can have all of the desires that you want. If you want to allow your entire life to be controlled by ever-evolving new desires, that is your choice. If you wish to have all kinds of delusions of grandeur, that is your choice, as well. But, if you wish to find the true fit in your life, then you must come into contact with that true inner you. Because no matter what you achieve in a world where you do not truly fit, it will all equal nothing if you cannot live a life defined by an embraced well-being and the knowledge about and the experience of you living a life where you truly are who and what you are in the place where you truly fit.