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Mind Games

Ever since the dawning of humanity and the desire for deeper understanding and rising human consciousness there have been those false profits who take to the stage and attempt to gain followers as a means to not only make money but to gain control over others to fulfill that empty something within themselves as they guide people down some path that they believe they should follow. In other words, there are a lot of liars out there who lay claim to being a, “Knower.”

This so-called, “Knowing,” is fuled by other people’s desire to know. As something is missing in their life—as they have lost a loved one and want to know why, as they have unanswered questioned about the road to realization they are on or their general pathway in life they look to those people who claim to know. But, do these people know or are they simply a lair or an individual who lies to themselves?

As I have long said, the best way to test any so-called psychic is to ask them a question about yourself or your family lineage that they would have no way of knowing the answer to—something that they cannot look up on the internet or deduct from what you wear or how you behave.

I remember back to the first time I traveled to India. I had just arrived and was walking around the marketplace in Delhi. One of those many so-called psychics, who mingled around the area back then, came up to me and did what all the sellers in that market do—they targeted someone and will not let them go until they get some money out of them. This guy was pretending to go into some trance and was telling me I had come to India to find enlightenment. He knew that fact but I could only find it if I gave him some rupees as that is what my spiritual guru, in the ethereal realm, wanted me to do. Are you kidding me! I mean, come on! There I was, a white guy with long hair and a beard, wearing yogi clothing and prayer beads in the marketplace in Delhi, why would anyone think I was there? It was pretty obvious. Finally, I gave him a few rupees so he would leave me alone. Or, maybe it made my spiritual guru happy. Happy

But, here’s the things and the other side to all of this… Some people actually believe that they, “Know.” For example, earlier on that same journey, I was at LAX. This was a time in history when there were all kinds of sales people roaming the airports, spiritual and otherwise. Thankfully, they have all now been banned; well, at least, the most obvious of them.

Anyway, this Hare Krishna girl came up to me and tried to sell me a book composed by her teacher, Swami Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta. Back then, Hare Krishnas were everywhere. They were dancing on the corners of the streets in the major cities and they would try to recruit you and sell you books and stuff like that all the time. Even me, I had gone to their temple over in Culver City a couple of times, just to find out the what’s what.

The thing is, they were so flamboyant they became almost a joke—a punch line in a joke. But, were they wrong in their belief? No. They were true believers. So, were they wrong in what they believed? No. Were they wrong in trying to convert and bring people to their way of believing? No. How is any Christian any different? This is the thing, some people want to believe. Some people need something to believe in. And, here lies one of the main impetuses for the problem in all of this. Some people need to believe and they need to be feed the what they believe in by someone else.

To finish the/this storyline… The girl at LAX eventually told me, in no uncertain terms, “I was a fool,” because I rejected her teaching, stating that I was on my way to India to follow the true pathway, etc… Was I a fool? Maybe. Was she? Maybe. Where is she now? Where am I now? And, who really know the truth of the truth?

To continue, in my life I have met a lot of false profits. …A lot of people who were really lost, ego-driven people, claiming they knew something that others did not know. I have also met a number of truly psychologically disturbed people who claimed that they had some mystical gift that others did not possess. Some sold this so-called gift. They claimed they could go into a trance and communicate with that whomever or whatever out there in the cosmos. Some even claimed to be the singular channel for some great spiritual being. Now, I could say they were all full of bullshit and you would probably agree. But, would that change their mind? Though they may not be able to get some money or some worship out of you or me, as that is what they are seeking, would that make them change what they do? Probably not.

Just like I say, ask a psychic something that they cannot know about you to prove to you and to them that they are not what they claim, I also say, if someone says that they have this great power to communicate with some spiritual essence from the great beyond ask them, “Let’s see it.” Make them present it to you right there.

Now, I’m not talking about those people that spew out gibberish and claim to be in some trance. That’s just bullshit anyone can pretend to do with some practice. I’m saying, make them present that energy in physical form. Sure, they will make a ton of excuses about why they can’t do that and why you should believe them anyway. But, if they can’t, they can’t, and because they can’t that proves to you the definition of who and what they truly are.

Whenever you look to a teacher for spiritual or life guidance, you really need to look deeply into who and what that person truly is and why they are doing what they are doing and mostly what they are getting out of what they do. For example, I remember after my shrink had retired, for a couple of session I went to another one. My original shrink was truly a good person. In fact, due to the fact I was going through some financial challenges, at one point in time, she didn’t even charge me for my sessions. Can you believe that? A shrink who does their job for free. That is a person truly trying to help for no other reason but to help. This other shrink, however, was not about that. What I realized, after my years-upon-years of reading and studying all the writings and ideas of psychology, was that I knew way more than her. She had nothing to offer me. Yet, after I said, “Bye-bye,” she would call me and call me trying to get me and my hundred dollars a session back. But, I never went back.

What I am saying is that people may claim to be an aid or a guide to you in many ways—they may come at you from many directions. Some you may even seek out and contact yourself. But, you must be honest with yourself—you must make them prove who and what they truly are and why they are doing what they are doing. Because if you don’t, you allow them to exist in the world of Mind Games, where they get whatever it is they need and/or want out of you and out of life, while you pay the freight. In other words, be careful whom you turn to for the truth because, most likely, they do not possess it.