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Losing Your Momentum

I imagine we all have encountered a life situation where we believed we were moving towards achieving an objective and then something unexpected got in the way and kept us from reaching our goal. Most of these events are small, and though we may not have liked the outcome, we picked up the pieces and kept moving forward to the best of our ability.
I also believe that there is no person alive who has achieved everything they hoped they would achieve. It is just a condition of human nature; everyone wants something more.
Sure, from the perspective of Zen, we hope to shun all desire. But, even the hope of shunning desire is a desire. So, no one ends up as whole and as complete as they wished for in life.
This being said, sometimes in life you can see an individual walking down the wrong road. Maybe you even tell them so. But, for whatever reason, they do not have the mind to listen to what you have to say. It may not be today or tomorrow or next week but if you stay in touch with that individual long enough, you will eventually see that they ended up lost in their own mix.
There is this one Shop Girl that I have known for a little while. She comes from a very good family who are supportive and more than willing to help her along her way. In fact, they were more than happy to pay for her to go to the university and such. Even I explained to her, when I first met her when she was eighteen years old, that it is so important to go to school when you are young. Then, you have the time. The deeper you get into your life, the harder it becomes as your responsibilities grow.
Of course, being young, she followed her own path, believing in her hope-for artistic future. She didn’t listen to her parents or me or to whomever…  
Sometimes in life you get the opportunity to witness when reality takes hold of an individual and they realize they walked down the wrong road. I saw that happen to her. The joy left her smile and the youthful glow of endless possibilities is no longer in her eyes.
There is also the occasion in life, particularly as you get older and have passed through many years of existence, where you have the opportunity to know a person then and now. Then, when they chose not to try. Now, when they could have chosen a different path, but they did not, and the find themselves deep in an unfulfilled life.
Some people are stubborn, they just won’t listen. And certainly, many people are strapped to a particular level of existence due to financial constraints. But, no matter where anyone finds themself in life, they can choose to work towards becoming that something more. So few do this, however.
As I have passed through my life, I have witnessed where some people have ended up. Knowing them in their earlier years, I knew they could have become so much more. But, due to their own ideology and mindset they kept themselves from achieving. Thus, they did not try. They kept themselves from trying. They believed their dream, whatever they dream may be, would simply come true with little or no effort. When it did not, what is left? Answer: A life unfulfilled. I am sure you can think to people like that in your own life.
As stated, though none of us may ever achieve the absolute dream we have for our life, that should not be a reason to stop us from trying to become that something more—however you define that something more. You must work at it! Sure, things like college and university courses are not always fun. But, if you have the opportunity to go, you really need to go, because without a degree in today’s world, advancement and even respect are very hard to achieve.
College is just one example. Whatever it is you want to become, you really need to work at it. And, you need to work at it as soon as possible.
For example, you do not want to become an elderly, post retirement age, waitress like I know this one woman has become. I knew her way back when. She had all this promise. Now, through forced necessity, she is required to work at a very tough job. It cannot be easy due to at her age. You do not want to end up like that. Knowing her, I know she never thought that would become the ultimate definition of her life. Yet, by not trying to achieve earlier in her life, this is what came to be.
What I am saying here is, Try Now! Wherever you find yourself in life, strive to become MORE. Because this life is all you have and if you cannot live it to the best of your ability, what will your life have meant?