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You Only Have a Moment to Make a Difference

There is this spider that lives inside of the mirror on the driver’s side of my lady’s car. We know this because there always seems to a spider web surrounding the mirror. Even after we wash the car, a few days later it reappears.

Though we always assumed there was a sider inside of the mirror, we never saw it. We never saw it until last weekend.

We were driving out in the Valley and she got a flat tire. As we were going to meet someone, I didn’t want to get dirty so we called up AAA to change the tire. As we were waiting for AAA to arrive, there he was, the spider came out. He extended his web a bit and dropped down from the mirror. The fact was, it was kind of fun to finally see him.

We spoke about the spider and his antics for a moment or two and then I got the idea that this would probably be a good time to set him free. …At least free him from us and my lady’s mirror.

I was on the passenger side. I got out of the car and walked around the car but by the time I got to the driver’s side, he had disappeared. He had re-hidden to his home in the mirror. Had I been a moment or two sooner, had we not discussed his existence, had I not thought about it, I could have gotten there in time. But, I did not.

The moral of the story; you only have a moment to make a difference. If you don’t do what you need to do immediately, then your chance to make a difference may be lost forever.