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Life Isn’t Always Going to Be the Way You Want it to Be

I think most of us have a routine when we wake up in the morning. For me, I get up and do the Zen of Coffee Making thing, sit down with a cup, and do the things that need to be done on the computer each morning. Then, when the morning has moved along a little bit, I will get dressed and get ready to go out onto my day.
My next step is, normally, I will then do a mobile order and pick up a latte or a Flat White and a bagel or something for breakfast to eat at Starbucks. Today, I guess the Starbucks system was down as a notice came up on my phone that I could not do their mobile order thing. I checked around to all the local Starbucks, and the message was the same. …And, I just refuse to stand in line, place the order, and then wait for the baristas to cook up my order anymore…  Thus, my day was not turning out the way I wanted.
Now, of course, this is no big deal. I didn’t get my latte and my bagel for breakfast, oh well… I mean, there’s a lot bigger things going on in the world, and even in my life, than that. But, it does illustrate how sometimes in life, things, small or large, do not turn out the way that we want them to be.
But, think about it, what if you just didn’t care? I mean, I’m sure you don’t care that I didn’t my bagel and latte. You have your own Life Stuff going on. But, moreover, what if I didn’t care?
Here’s the thing, you make the choice to care, just as you can make the choice not to care. Sure, you want things to be the way you want things to be, but you can turn off that caring if situations are not turning out the way you originally hoped.  
This is one of the philosophies I have embraced throughout my life. I can choose not to care. I may want something to be a certain way, but if it is not turning out the way I hoped, it does not have to take control over my emotions and my life and drive me into anger or despair. I can just let it go.
Try it. Next time something is not going the way you wished, take control over your thought process, and choose not to care. You may be amazed at how much better that simple action will make you feel.