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The Perfect World Ain’t Gonna Happen

There is so much craziness going on in the world right now. The pandemic is still on going and people are still getting sick and dying from the virus born in China. Think about it, and I’ve said it before, China took control over the world with this plague. And, it is still going on. There is all that carnage, instigated by Putin, taking place in Ukraine right now. People are dying, being maimed, and entire cities are being destroyed. It’s horrible! Imagine one day living a normal life and then that invasion. It’s hard to believe. The other day some crazed eighteen-year-old kills his grandmother and then goes to a grammar school and kills a bunch of kids. Like I always say, “Leave the kids alone!” They have a hard enough road ahead of them. I mean it’s crazy! And, that was like the two-hundred and thirteenth mass shooting in the U.S. so far, just this year. It’s nuts! But, this is nothing new.
By the time I was in junior high school, now known as middle school, we already had a plain clothed, armed officer on campus. That was in the early 1970s. There was so much violence around me. It was nuts back then just like now.
I know this man, a Hapkido associate, and after doing his duty as a L.A. County Sheriff for twenty years, he became an L.A. City School Cop for another twenty. They have a whole division devoted to those officers here in L.A. Not only was he a highly-trained martial artist, but he also carried a gun. The world should not be like this, but it is.
India has long been toughed as this place where all this spirituality abounds. On some level, I guess that is true. But, like I always explain, India is one of the most violent countries I have ever encountered. The negative stuff that I have witnessed there is really stunning. I’ve even had rocks thrown at me, in very holy places, simply because I was white.
Everybody has all of these solutions like, get rid of the guns and stuff like that. But, it’s not going to happen. Outlaw guns and it will only be the criminals who possess them like in several countries across the globe. It is not like they are all going to disappear and never be manufactures.
People exclaim, help the homeless, get the mentally ill in treatment, stop the gangs, remedy the financial inequity of racism by getting people better employment, and the list goes on and on. It does not work! None of it works! Help one homeless person and a thousand more find themselves in that situation. Mentally illness is what drives some people to do bad things. But, most slip through the cracks and do what they do before they can be treated. Gangs, forget about it. They’ve always gone on and always will. In a world where one must fear for their safely, there is strength in numbers. And, in world where we are all reminded of the insane wealth of people like the Kardashian on TV every day, do you really think anyone is content with a menial, minimum wage, job?
Now, I’m not saying you can’t make your own life better. You can work towards a greater end and become that something more. But, it is not easy, especially if you come from a formative heritage, life, and lifestyle that is not defined by abundance.  
So, what can we do? The answer is this all comes down to the Self. It comes down to what you do with what is available to you. I mean, I grew up in a world of hell. And, the sad thing about my case was, it did not need to be that way because I was not poor. I just had parents that were oblivious to the goings on in the life of their child. But, what I had to do, as soon as I could do something, was to guide my life in a direction where I was not defined by my less than ideal formative circumstances. This is what we all must do. We must focus and fight to raise our life above any of the negativity that comes our direction and move forward to making not only our own existence, but any other life we can help, better. It all comes down to trying. And, this is what most people don’t do. They do not try. Or, they try in the most minuscule way and then give up. Don’t give up!
You can protest all you want about making gun laws more stringent, but the criminal will not listen or care about these laws. You can do all you can to help those in needs, but doing means doing, it does not mean talking and complaining. What are you planning to do today to help any person of lessor means?
If we hope to help the world, if we hope to change the world for the better, we all must become a beacon of goodness. Because if it does not begin with you, where else will it begin?