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The Subconscious Mind and the Projection of Your Reality

Ever since Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Pamahansa Yogananada, Aleister Crowley, Abraham Harold Maslow, Norman Vincent Peals, onto all the little known or unknown philosophers and psychologists who have tried to paint a picture that there is a different reality out there and in that reality one may capture and harness what they want through their mind, people have been taught to believe that via their mind they can find a pathway to life fulfillment via the process of thought. But, just what is thought? And, how does it affect who and what you become and what you may or may not possess?

Certainly, we all realize that if you think about negative things; if you think about hurtful things, if your mind focuses on taking and hurting then the process of your life is going to be defined by those thoughts. This is the same if you think about positive and helpful things. If you try to find a pathway of being focused only the positive and the good, you will (hopefully) encounter that reality. But, virtually all, or a least most of, the people who focus on teaching techniques of the mind becoming a pathway to living the reality that you want to live never detail the reality of the
other person. Meaning, not only is your life defined by what is on your mind but it is also defined by what is on the mind of that other person. Here is where many of the problem of life arise, especially in terms of Mind Science.

Even since the dawning of the New Age, there has been countless people who have spoken and written about how you can project your thoughts to get what you want. They teach that if you focus your mind you can what you desire. Sure, if you seek you will find. If you are focusing on, looking for, and developing a pathway to get that abstract something, you may well get it. But, that is a Thing. That is not a Life.

Many teacher also claim that you can project your desires onto other people, as well. They teach that if you focus your mind on someone you can get that someone to do what you want them to do. But, for anyone who has tried this technique, you quickly come to realize that unless the person you are focusing your attentions upon is of a like mind, and wants the same things as you, it just ain’t gonna happen.

But, more than that, why do you want that someone else to behave in the manner that you want them to behave in the first place? Why do you want them to do what you want them to do? On an even deeper level, what gives you the right to try to command them to do anything? Isn’t that a very selfish framework from which to operate your life?

This is where all of the problems with Mind Science begin and, in fact, are put into practice. All of this Mind Stuff is focused on the Self. It is focused on one person either trying to get what they want or getting someone else to do what they want. Certainly, the practice of psychoanalysis and psychology cannot be condemned when it is focused on helping to correct the hurt mind of an individual. But, the reality of the reality is, people do not only base these practices on helping. Many attempt to use these tools, via redevelopment, to make them a something that one person can use against another person or perhaps even better put as a tool to get what one person wants from that other person.

Ask yourself, what do you want? Do you ask yourself that question each time you encounter a new person? Do you ask that question each time you encounter a person you already know?

The entire process of, “Getting,” is based on your, “Wanting.” Because some people do not have what they want in their life—because they are not able to get it or achieve it by normal means, some seek out a pathway with promised techniques in order to obtain it. But, how selfish is that? You want what you want, you can’t get it by normal means, so you seek out some psychological or magical spell in order to obtain it?

What all this boils down to is the fact that people who base their life upon the obtainment of their desires set about on a course that
never takes the other person into consideration. They simply want what they want and seek out a method of its achievement. But, is that path ever defined by purity and or a god-conscience mindset? No. It is based in Self. And, only Self.

I could detail the fact that if you wish to follow a True Life Path then you should seek out a pathway that focuses on the immersive nothing of Life Reality via a school that does not focus solely on the Betterment of the Mind-Full YOU. A path that is not solely focused upon you getting what you want. But, how many people even care about that life and/or lifestyle? Look at all the people who claim spiritually out there. They too are full of Self and are on a pathway of getting what they want, even if what they want is supposedly based in some form of spirituality. But, is any pathway where one person comes to the forefront of getting what they want based on a pure and spiritual consciousness? Answer: No.

So, what does this leave us with? It leaves us with YOU. It leaves us with the YOU that interacts with the world. It leaves us with the YOU that wants what YOU want. It leaves us with what is the YOU who wants what YOU want and what YOU are willing to do to get it?

You can want. You can set about on a path of achievement focused on YOU. But, how much time do you spend thinking about how what YOU want is going to affect the life of someone/anyone else? If you don’t think about this, who are YOU? What are YOU? Are you a person following a pathway to the Greater Good of Life and Humanity or are YOU only a selfish, unthinking/uncaring YOU?

You can make this world a better place via your desires. But, following a pathway that is only forced on YOU and YOU getting what YOU want is never that pathway.