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Trajectory Altered

Everyone sees themselves going towards an end goal. At each stage of a person’s life, they want to go towards and achieve that something. In many cases, especially when an individual is young, they set their sights on that grand something. Though that grand something is most likely unachievable, but, as others have crossed that finish line, the person holds onto the hope that they too can do it. For most, though the goal is set, the pathway is never actualized.
Most, never truly try to achieve their dreams. Even if they do work towards it for time, they do not hold hard and fast onto the path. Mostly, life gets in the way. They need to pay their bills, eat, and have roof over their head, which forces them to change their direction. That’s just reality. That’s just the way it is.
The defining factor in all of this level of life evolution is choice. What a person chooses to do and then what a person does to actualize that choice.
Think about your own life, what did you hope to achieve in your younger days? What did you do to achieve it? If you did not achieve it, what got in your way? The answer for most is that they made a choice that caused their pursuit to end. Though that is a truthful answer, very few people ever acknowledge this fact. They place blame elsewhere: on their life circumstance or on that person or that whatever. Though
choice is the key causation factor for the life evolution of almost everyone, other things do come into play. The most significant of this is other people.
Let’s look at this other person equation.
There are people that come into our life that guide us. This direction may be provided in a positive fashion, as well as it may be just the opposite. People like teachers, doctors, nurses, police, lifeguards, they do things to help people. Some even save a person’s life. There is also those who do just the opposite. They are people who come into a person’s life and alter their direction in a less than ideal manner. Though there may be a million names or definitions for these people, we can just leave it to the fact that they hurt rather than help.
Think about someone in your life that changed the direction of your evolution and did it in a positive manner. You probably don’t have to think too hard, because they are that someone who guided you or did that something that really helped. As such, they are always in your heart.
Now, think about someone in your life that changed the direction of your evolution and did it in a destructive manner. I believe for all of us, we do not have to look too far to point out that individual. But, let’s look at this situation a little bit deeper. What role did your choice play in the evolution of that relationship? This is the factor that many people overlook. They just want to cast blame at their undesired outcome. How about you? What did someone else do to you, based on a relationship that you chose to enter into, but you did not like? Then, what did you do them after the fact? This, “After the fact,” is what comes to define the next stage of your life, but few people ever think about this as what they do next is based upon a very animalistic reaction.
Think about this, who have you helped in life? Have you been a teacher, a healer, a guide of positivity to someone? If you have, what was the outcome?
Now, who have you hurt in your life? Have you been a critic, a naysayer, a thief, an abuser, a hurter to someone? If you have, what was the outcome?
In true life, in true personal interactive life, results can be felt and witnessed. In digital life, like via the internet, those repressions may not be that obvious.
The thing is, when you are doing what you are doing in your life, and when you are doing it in relation to your life, why are you doing it? For most, they only operate from a very selfish point of view. They do what they are doing based solely upon what they want or what they are feeling. How about you, think to a time when you did something that helped someone. Why did you do it? Now, think about a time when you hurt someone. Why did you do it?
If you are truthful with yourself, the answer is obvious. What you decided to do, you did because you were motivate in one direction or the other by your emotions. You hoped for a specific outcome. If that action was directed in a positive manner, and you actually helped that person, most likely you should not be faulted. If, on the other hand, you desired to hurt or chastise an individual in some way, no matter what your motivation, you set a course of events into motion that damage the life of that other individual and changed the trajectory of that person’s life in a negative manner. Then, what? Do you believe there is no repercussion for that style of action no matter what your motivation?
Few people analyze what they are doing and/or why they are doing it. They just DO based upon a very low-level of human consciousness. From this is born a life defined by random actions and self-motived ideologies that possess the ability to truly hurt that someone else and change the trajectory of their life. If you have done that, what do you think will be the ultimate outcome to your life? To answer this question all you have to do is to study your life over time, view the what happened next in your life, after you did what you did, and the answer is obvious.  
There is an antidote to all of this, however. If you have truly helped someone, good for you. Do more of that. But, if you have hurt someone, if your words or your action have damaged the direction of that other person’s life, fix it. Because if you don’t, you will forever be responsible for what their life should have become but did not because of what you said or did. And, if you actually hoped that what you did would hurt that someone, and you take pride in your action, look out, because all that will happen next to you and your life will be a reflection of that negativity.
Good is good. Bad is bad. Where do the good end up? Where do the bad end up? What kind of life do they live?

Your life. Your choice.